Grandson H

Yesterday the twelfth of May was H’s graduation day. Son had mentioned that probably it was virtual. My sciatica had returned with full vengeance. I was lying in bed, my left leg propped on a pillow, surrounded by the remnants of a boho woolen bag being stitched together, when Son told me that we had to leave.

H had sent virtual tickets for Son, and I to attend his graduation ceremony. Son had incorrectly assumed that the ceremony was virtual. I got ready in record time. Thankfully we reached the University of Houston half an hour earlier.

The place was overcrowded with parents, grandparents, and relatives. The parking area designated for visitors was on the roof of the parking building. There was no lift to get down. I told Son there was no way I was climbing those stairs once the ceremony was over.

We made it inside, but nearly every seat was taken. Finally we espied two seats together, and sat down after bumping the occupants of other seats, mumbling sorry while getting to the said seats.

Son, and I mutually agreed that I was going to take photos, while he concentrated on videos. The first problem was locating H in the sea of faces. We were on the left side of the platform, and luckily had the frontal view of each student. I can only say Allah is kind. What could I have done if it was a back view. Nothing I suppose!

I got a plethora of shots, nothing spectacular but I’m thankful for the ones I took. They are memories down the years.

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