The Quran

The Muslim image is distorted before people of other faiths. In the western world the media has painted a horrific view of Muslims. In spite of that more, and more people are reverting to Islam. Reverts used to change their names to Muslim names, but nowadays they keep their previous names. Probably the main reason is that they fear rejection, and hate in the eyes of their friends, family, and at their work places.

I feel saddened that while others are accepting Islam, many people who were born Muslims are not worthy of it. They are only in name Muslims. Their actions bring a bad name to Islam.

2 thoughts on “The Quran”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. Many, who were born as Muslims, are portraying an horrific negative image of our beloved faith and principles. And they even do so in the name of Islam, which is more horrifying.
    On the other hand, many who see The Light after spending so much time in the darkness, are truly embracing the wonders.


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