I am a person who loves to read and do a bit of gardening in my spare time. My husband died on 2nd Aug2012 of stomach cancer. It was a very sad time for my two children and myself. To while away the time on my hands I started blogging in February 2013.

The name Flowers and Breezes pertain to my actual name. My first name’s meaning is morning breeze. The middle name means a flower. That’s how Flowers and Breezes came into existence. For the name SheenMeem visit my archives and read,  “Call me Sheen.”



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  1. Very moving “about page”. Thanks for sharing 🙂 My parents died in 1992 because of cancer, I was only 24 years old. But we NEVER go alone… never… ♥

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  2. No matter what your or their ages, if you have had a good relationship with your parents it is not easy to lose them. FGM, I like the photo in your avatar, but I was not able to subscribe to your site? What country are blogging from?


  3. I am glad to be back on your blog. Your About page is quite touching. I know what it means to lose a dear spouse. May God give you strength to sail through! Your blogging family will surely keep you some good company too.


  4. Your about page is amazing. We are always facing challenges, but it’s not good to give up. Myself I went through in a lot of challenges, but I learnt a lot in those challenges. And it helped me to be more strong with my desire of love.


  5. You must have gone through tough times and are already a stronger person, aren’t you?.
    When the man of the house is no more around, then the issues are not just emotional but others like financial as well as decision-making about little things around the house esp.with kids.
    And if not that…then social issues are certainly there. Often, bahaviour of community/society around changes.
    But there is always a way to come out of worse times.
    One can tell oneself that many people have emotional vacuum anyway, even those living in huge families. Maybe there are even worse cases where people are lonely or broken but they don’t/can’t even share.
    Socially, you can look for people who need others. As they say…if you provide company and love to others, in the process you will automatically get love in return.
    But of course that is what you are doing via your blog.
    So…smile : ) . .

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  6. Your words on your blog are very lovely as is your name… Thank you for becoming my friend on WordPress. I will look forward to visiting you on your page. I wish we had a porch with rocking chairs where we could talk, rock and sip hot tea, but I suppose WP.com must suffice for now. Take care.

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  7. Hi Sheen,
    I lost my husband to cancer in 2008. I have learned to take one day at a time, but I continue to miss him everyday. I have good memories and my children to keep me going. Be Blessed!

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    1. It’s really hard losing my husband to Cancer. It’s such a dreaded disease from which there is no escape. I cope the same way as you do — one day at a time.
      Thank you for your words of sympathy. They mean a lot tome
      Bless you.

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  8. You forgot to include that you like to play video games too. Haha!
    I believe you’re Indian? I think one of the blogs I like to read is also from India too. This one: https://zyreneshirley.wordpress.com/
    And of course, my all-time favorite Indian speaker is Ravi Zacharias on RZIM.org
    It’s wonderful to have met ya through here, Sheen! (Oy, I always think of Charlie Sheen when I see your name, haha!)

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    1. Hi, it looks odd to call you in567.

      You are wrong! Got you. Ha Ha!

      I am not an Indian. I am a Pathan belonging to the northwest region of Pakistan — a Pakistani.
      I loved playing games on my Wii, Nintendo and DCI. But that was when my husband was alive, and thought life would go on as it was. I have stopped playing Mario (he was my favorite).
      Why I stopped? Someday I will spill the details.

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      1. I must try the Wii. I did a short homework on it last year for college and discovered that the creator for it was trying to lose weight with his daughter and wife. So he made it to make exercise fun – and count one’s calories too. p.s. Pakistani was my 2nd guess. :oD

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      2. Wii was fun. You must try it. There is one cd with games like tennis and others. You will enjoy playing on Wii. I enjoyed it with the jumping I did. My husband frowned upon such activities telling me I wasn’t a child. I played when he would go to the club for golf, or he would be out on walks.

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  9. Hi Sheen, nice to meet you. I hope you’re settling into your new country. It sounds like it’s been a challenging time for you, but I’m sure things will get better with time.
    Thank you for the ‘like’ on my post about Benares. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We loved it there and are very glad we got the chance to visit.

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    1. Hi Alison and Don! It’s nice to meet you too.
      Your writing is so vivid that I was looking at the surroundings through your eyes. I was wondering at moments at how you took it? If I had been there I am sure I would have felt very sick.
      How can they bury the dead in the river and then use the same place for every thing else.

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      1. It’s extraordinary isn’t it? I never did feel sick – there’s such a deep aura of tradition and devotion around it. I saw a documentary about the Ganges a few years ago and apparently it has natural antiseptic qualities which is pretty astounding in itself.

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  10. Sheenmeem, Life sucks, I am very sorry for you loss. Sometimes, these are the situation one can fight and come out or chose to go under. You have chosen to fight and using a wonderful medium. All the very best. I am checking you blog for the first time and will go through all your post.

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      1. Jina is a eastern name, but there’s a word in arabic ‘jina’ which means we came (and that’s not what my parent meant when they named me); But Salameh means peaceful or well being in arabic. And my middle, Abdel wahab, i think Urdu knows that, right?

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      2. iwhere i live in a village that hasn’t seen any conflicts – or any overwhelming ones. We’re mostly families who live a few months here, a few somewhere else in the world. but still, generally speaking, compared to a few years back, life here is pretty tranquil.

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