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While getting into the elevator, I noticed a man sitting on the bench. I had to visit my bank, and after that I was going to get books from the nearby library. It took a while. Son, and I were back on our floor, the man was still sitting there.

We had lunch, then said our Zuhr (noon) Prayers. We exited our apartment to go for shopping, the man was still there by the doors. I got paranoid. Why is he there? Hoped he wasn’t a thief observing who was in, and who wasn’t?

I voiced my concerns. Son said, “Mama! You are prejudiced to think like that”.


“Just because he is black”.

I was indignant at my Son’s assumption. I hadn’t even thought that way, and I wasn’t even that kind of an evil body. I had not even looked at the fellow properly. I had seen him from my peripheral vision, and didn’t truly know whether he was black, or white? He was wearing a hat. I was only concerned at his sitting there, because for sitting there is the lobby on the first floor which has a seating arrangement, and then there is a large sitting room too.

Son’s accusation had a sting to it. He made me feel a terrible person that day.


The Irony of It

Son came back home early from work. The first question he asked me was whether I had phoned his in laws on their wedding anniversary which is today. I didn’t know, and I hadn’t. The next was why don’t I keep track of his fiancée’s page on which she had posted a photo wishing her parents a happy anniversary?

To remedy it, I phoned her parents wishing them all the joy in the world, and many happy years ahead. 💐

Isn’t this ironic that Son remembers the day his would be in-laws got married, but he doesn’t remembers his own parents wedding anniversary?

No he didn’t wish me on mine which was twelve days before, and I didn’t remind him.



The caring tag on one of my scarves was displaying the above symbols. I understood two of them. The upper left one meant washing by hand, and the symbol above on the right side meant very light iron. The rest I didn’t know, so decided to google, and here is what I found.

I remember the first time I washed one of my woolen shawls. I had never washed one of those before. There was no caring instructions on it. There are never any tags on the shawls I have bought, except for woolen scarves. I ruined my shawl by washing it in hot water. I know now that I shouldn’t have used hot water. I should have washed it in cold water.

Anyway it wasn’t a very expensive one, otherwise my heart would have stopped beating at damaging it. I have been careful after that episode, but not careful enough in storing my collection of shawls.

I had stored my shawls in a bag, but forgot to add mothballs. Imagine my misery when I returned home to Peshawar, Pakistan after a gap of nearly three years, that most of my shawls had holes in it, and they were ruined.

My heart didn’t stop beating, but I was morose for quite some time at the loss of my lovely shawls.

The Last Sunset

I took this photo of sunset last evening in a parking lot.


Today the sky is slate grey. It’s a gloomy day for sure. It seems to me more so with the sudden death of an an acquaintance’s father. I had met the old couple at their son’s home. They lived with their son. The burial is for tomorrow, and the family is waiting for the couple’s second son to reach Houston in time to see his father for the last time.

To me it’s a sad time to hear about someone dying. It brings home to me that our stay on earth is transient, and at the end everyone is going to leave the earthy abode for someplace else. One friend always used to grumble as to why Adam, and Eve ate from the forbidden tree? If they had not done so, the humans wouldn’t have to get banished to earth, and wouldn’t have suffered death. Her question would make us laugh.

I have noticed that the day death occurs in my family, or those I have known, the weather turns gloomy, and I feel cold.

Does this happens to you too?

Unexpected Visit

Trees at the back of sis’s home.

It had been a year since I last saw my sister. Son was coming to New York for two cases. I was hesitant in making up my mind about coming with him. Traveling is not my forte. Nola (daughter) made up my mind for me in leaving home. I watered my plants before we left. It isn’t that hot anymore, so there is no danger of any water deprivation for the plants. He dropped me last evening at her home in Long Island, NY. I get to spend two days with my sis, before going back to New Bedford.

I had two of my favorite veggie dishes made by sis. One was okra, and the other one bitter gourds. They were simply yummy. Son doesn’t like bitter gourds, so I avoid making it for myself. At long last I had my heart full of eating it.

Sis wanted us to eat outside on our second night. To that end she took us to Cheese Factory. I’ve never been before disappointed that much in life. I could only order a salad, whatever I looked at in the menu was either (non halal) chicken, or raw fish, or shrimp — foods I couldn’t eat in good conscience. I wish I had known it before, I would have opted out of going there.

The Guacamole, beans, cheese salad I ordered.


Growing up some kids are more emotional than others. A relative who is twenty six years old, left his job with an NGO to study for his law degree. Being an only son, he threatened his family that he would commit suicide if his parents didn’t get him engaged to the girl of his choice.

His parents terrified that he might make good on his promise, agreed to the engagement. Not wanting an additional cost, they want him to finish his education, get a job to support his would be wife, and only then he can get married. Apparently he is not happy with his parents’s decision, and now he is again threatening with suicide if his parents won’t agree to an immediate marriage. He keeps mentioning it on Facebook, and other social medias.

His younger sister, whose birthday is occurring on twenty fourth was fed up with his threats told him very earnestly, “Please don’t commit suicide a day before the twenty fourth of this month, and not on twenty fourth either. I don’t want to be sad on these two days, but you can go ahead on the twenty fifth. Apparently she doesn’t realize the gravity.

I’m hoping, and praying that he isn’t serious, and it’s just a ploy.

What to Think?

After quite a while, I attended the dinner at the mosque. We said our Maghreb (evening) and Isha (night) prayers. Later on dinner was served. When we reached the mosque 🕌, a slight figure was walking 🚶‍♀️ up, and down at the parking site. He was a new convert to Islam. The mosque door was still locked, and poor thing he must have been wondering where everyone was, and whether anyone was going to show up?

Soon afterwards families with children in tow arrived. The children more interested in playing, and shrieking, ran in circles around their mamas. I saw one mother picking her crying 😢 son, depositing him on the side to bow down in sajdah. I had never seen him so cranky before. Later on his mood improved, and he became his sweet self again.

Coming home, I decided to tackle one of my chores. Son had bought some veggies home, including my favorite, which is okra. For the rest of the veggies I had managed to find space in the fridge, but okra, and ginger were still on the counter. Watching a hallmark movie I managed to wash, and cut the ladyfingers (okra), filled three bags, and stashed them in the freezer.

It had gone quite late by the time I finished, I went to my bedroom. Leaving the movie running, as I was interested in knowing the end, I went to the bathroom to clean my teeth, and wash my face —- bedtime rituals. As I was sitting on the sofa 🛋, drying my feet, I glanced at the iPad screen to see the end. I was astounded 😳 to see the message on the screen which was whether I was watching the movie, as I wasn’t watching for the fifteen minutes I was away from the room?

I pressed the okay on screen to continue watching. Do people watch us through the camera as to what we are doing? I’m greatly perturbed.