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Shadows on the Wall

There are shadows on the wall

Whom no one can see

Except for me

They frighten me at times

With their’s scary faces

But there are other times

When they smile down at me

(Sheen-Jan 2022)

I wrote this poem because of my grand daughter Maryam. She, and her mom made the family room their bedroom, as her mom couldn’t climb the stairs, because of her c section. They have now moved upstairs.

It was strange that at night time the child would look to the left side of the room, and start crying. When she looked to the right, she would smile. I have yet to ask someone knowledgeable as to what this means? Are there some unseen presences which only a child can see?

For the duration of their stay downstairs I switched on the recitation of Quran through day, and night. It helped somewhat, but now the mother is having daily nightmares.

Please feel free to express your views

The Difference

My sister sent me this video. It’s funny illustrating the difference between an American Mom, and Pusthun Mom.

I used to be niggardly with praise, believing that too much praise spoil a child. He, or she starts thinking highly of themselves. One has to be just right, not very lavish, or at the opposite end — stingy.

Children who are not praised ends up with little self esteem. They may be the most brilliant among their lot, lose confidence in themselves, and grow up to be timid. At the other hand mothers who see nothing wrong in their brats’s behavior contributes towards their offensive attitudes.

Our Joy

Maryam, a few hours old

Life has become more hectic with the birth of my granddaughter Maryam. We are so lucky to have her Masha’Allah. Since her birth by c section fourteen days ago, I’m on my toes the whole day long. By the end of the day I’m tired with caring for her, and her mother.

Son is away most of the time, so he is of no help. He is happy on the birth of his daughter. He says , “ One door of Jannah has been opened for him. The Jannah (Heaven) has eight doors by which the righteous will enter. There is a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that “The one who brought up three daughters, or sisters, taught then good manners and treated them with kindness until they became self-sufficient. AIlah will make Paradise obligatory for him. A man asked: what about two, O Messenger of Allah? The Holy Prophet replied: the same for two.” Ibn `Abbas, the reporter of the Hadith, says: “Had the people at that time asked in respect of one daughter, the Holy Prophet would have also given the same reply about her. ” (Sharh as-Sunnh).

There is a joke of Mullah Naseeruddin regarding the birth of daughters. Mullah Naseeruddin is a fictitious character from Turkey. Someone asked him if one daughter is born to a person? Mullah replied a door of Heaven opens for him. Then he asked if two are born? Mullah replied that two doors will open for him. The same person asked if three are born? The number went on to eight. Mullah said eight doors will open. Finally Mullah was asked if nine are born, then what? A door from hell will open was Mullah’s reply.

The Froggy Saga

It was late in the evening. I came to the garage to get the shopping from the car trunk. As the hood went up, I saw a tiny, green frog perching in a corner. I jumped, and shrieked at the sight of it. The frog looked askance at my discovering its’ new home. With heart palpitations, I was now wondering what to do? If I tried to shoo it out, it would jump right inside the car.

Son was as usual miles away in a another state. That only left my daughter in law. Knowing she was an even bigger coward than me ( I’m not making it up. She runs a mile if she sees a small bug) I realized glumly the only person left to help me was myself. Hoping the frog won’t move, I hurried to get a brush from the opposite corner of the garage.

My strategy was to hold the 🐸, and flick it out. My eyes went shut involuntarily the moment my brush reached it’s target. It wasn’t there where I last saw it. Afraid that it might have jumped right inside, or it might have jumped out, I didn’t know the outcome.

Next day I was at Costco. I opened the trunk, and there it was looking at me with his buggy eyes. I shrieked again at it’s sighting. I’m thankful there weren’t any shoppers nearby. I didn’t have anything to push it out. I tried to get a twig from the nearby bushes. It wasn’t a big one, and it crumbled right into my hands.

Espying workers cleaning at the far end of the parking area, I went to them. They spoke Spanish, and I English. When I asked them to help me, they shook their heads all the time saying no, and no. I begged ‘Please’. Probably they understood the word, and followed me to my car. The critter was still there. One of the men smilingly captured the 🐸 within his hands, and put it on the ground. I thanked them for their help, and hurriedly drove away, apprehensive at the thought that it might decide to join me on the journey home.

Now that wasn’t the end. Next day was daughter in law’s checkup day. There were only fifteen minutes left to get her to the appointment. I opened my side to find another one perched right there. The involuntary shriek happened, but it didn’t faze the thing. It kept staring at me with it’s bulging eyes. I didn’t have time to do anything about it. I slid into the driver’s seat over it, praying it won’t jump inside the car, and closed the door.

Visitors are not allowed with the patient inside, so I waited for d in law in the car. By this time I had forgotten my adversary beneath my car door. I had thought to lose it at the hospital premises. Whether it came back to home with me, or not, I haven’t seen it again.

Are We Guinea Pigs?

Last year we had hoped that soon we people would be over Covid-19, and we will be out of the quagmire in which we found ourselves. This year that hope is no longer there. The vaccine which came along further became a nightmare. People who got vaccinated got sick again with further variations of the dreaded disease.

The vaccine is not effective. The other thing which is terrifying is, that it is not really a vaccine. It messes up with our DNA. Have we become guinea pigs for our rulers to be experimented upon? Why isn’t FDA approving Novavax which is not mRNA based like Pfizer, and Moderna?

The Little Fiend

It’s a shame which happened to a girl in Pakistan. She had gone to visit Minar i Pakistan on Independence Day on 14th August. The barbaric way her clothes were torn, and ripped off, one can’t imagine in this day, or time. There was not a single decent soul there to stop the spectacle.

There was a young boy in the video you could see who was as much part of the crowd, taking unholy glee in tearing clothes off the girl’s body. The police was unreachable. I wonder why the guards there didn’t stop all those mad people?

What happened to the poor girl was horrific. Those men there should be exemplary punished. As usual people are piling the blame on the victim that she was a Tic Tocker who made cheap videos. Whatever she did, or was doing she didn’t deserve what happened to her at the hands of those fiends.