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My First Friend

Tell about your first friend.

My father was an Army Officer. Obviously we never used to stay for long at any place. My memory fails at recalling my first friend.

I have a dim memory of a girl living next door. We played together with dolls. Then I remember a girl in Class One. But my father got posted after six months, so I have forgotten her name as well. Later on the whole class was my friend leaving out boys.

From Class Four onwards I was best friend with P Khan. The whole class called her P. Actually her name was Perveen.

We were inseparable. She would come home with me to stay. We shared our lunches. Mostly she would bring special treats for me made by her mother. Those were the days we (my siblings and I) had acquired our step mother.

Both of us used to feel if we parted our hearts would fail but that proved otherwise.

Our friendship continued through the first year of college. My father died of heart attack suddenly. We (my brothers, sister and I) got shifted to another city to live with our elder uncle. He became our guardian.

P and I continued being friends through letters to each other.

I missed P. I would talk about her to my cousins. My cousins thought that maybe P is a boy that’s why I only say P. They were very suspicious. They wouldn’t believe me till I showed her photo to them. At the back of the photo her full name was written.

Gradually our letters to each other petered out. Now she is just a memory in my heart.
My First Friend



The Quiet Ones

Tell us about a blogpost you didn’t publish.


Our house in the village is purported to have Jinns (spirits, spooks) living there. Whenever we keep a watchman he goes and sleeps in the servant quarters away from the house. As a watchman he should sleep in the servant room in the house. But God knows who ever we keep, that person at night stays away.

In a way it is good, any burglar won’t come during night time. Although a few months back with the connivance of our watchman someone did burgle the house. Probably he did it during daytime. I had to tell my brother in law to sack the watch man.

My daughter in law she is afraid of spending nights there. She would close the windows and draw the curtains. She would keep a light on the whole night.

Before coming here to live with my son, I went and stayed for a few days. My purpose was to visit my husband’s grave in the family graveyard and say good bye. I stayed alone in the house. It was very peaceful.

I was a bit apprehensive being the only person in the house. My husband’s relatives did suggest to me to call the watchman’s wife and tell her to sleep with me. I didn’t want a strange woman breathing down my neck at every turn I took. She wouldn’t have slept in an adjoining room and would have insisted in sleeping in my bedroom. I did think the spooks seeing me alone might make an appearance to frighten me. Thank God they didn’t. They went about their business very quietly not bothering me at all.

At load shedding (meaning no electricity) times I was not troubled. It used to be pitch dark. A lot of trees surround the house and when there is no electricity and moonless night the darkness is oppressive.

My conclusion is, I think the spooks didn’t want my heart failure at their hands.
The Quiet Ones



The Hallway Spook


This story is real life story . The first one was, “The Slaps,” dated Nov 2nd 2013. The second one was, “The Spook Who Prayed,” dated the same date. This one is the third one.

S was drinking a cup of tea in the hallway. She was having a chat with her friend.
Suddenly her son who was nearby gave her a shove to get her out of the way of someone passing through.

She got mad at her son.
“Why did you give me a push?” She demanded.

Her son replied,”If I had not moved you out of the way, someone would have given you a bigger push.”

“Who would have given me a push?” She asked perplexed.

“Didn’t you see who passed through here?”

She still didn’t get it.

Apparently her son could see the hallway spook who used to slap V their servant for sleeping in the hallway.


The Hallway Spook

A Family Drama

If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic comedy, an action film or science fiction?

I think it can be a family drama, serialized on television on weekly bases. It has the right ingredients for it. Mother dying with the children getting scattered among relatives. How the relatives deal with the children.

The producers of the drama can show a young man trying to bring up two of his five children all by himself. I can be the adorable little girl with two pig tails fawned upon by the father. An elder brother who browbeats his younger sister.

A number of women who are interested in the young handsome father and pursue him for marriage. The father afraid of foisting a step mother on his beloved children. When the servants are on leave the father cooks . He does the cleaning too.

The father eventually gets married. The dreaded step mother with four children from her former husband does come. The step mom starves the children. The step mother alienates the father from his children. Later on the father dies of a heart attack leaving his children fatherless as well.

Later on what happens to each of the children is a long narrative. How the young girl (who is me) is married and later on how she is treated by mother in law is worth making a few episodes.

I think my life story can generate a family drama.



A Family Drama

Time Runs Before Me

If you could quit one bad habit instantly without any difficulty which would it be?


If I could quit one bad habit it would be of my not getting ready on time. I keep watches thirty to forty minutes ahead of real time in my home.
My Poem.

I am running after time, time runs before me
I am getting late, how this happened I don’t see

My clothes are not pressed, my hair is not washed
I am not ready, my throat feels choky

Time doesn’t stay the same, so that I get enough time
The hours, minutes whiz past, I can’t hold them to me
Time Runs Before Me



Early To Bed

Are you a morning person or a night owl?


Early to bed and early to rise
Is a habit I would love
I do rise early but reach bed late
Will someone tell me how to migitate

My bed do entice me
Calling me over
Resisting it’s charm I muddle along
Remaining awake all night long

This habit is bad I now know
But don’t know how to let it go
Early To Bed





The endless desert stretched ahead. Putting one foot in front of the other was torturous. His water was finished. The sun beat mercilessly upon his head. At that moment he would have given or promised anything for a glass of cold water.

He had lost his sense of direction. As he lay in the sand he thought back to his mother and sister. His mother had beseeched him not to go on his latest adventure but as usual he had paid no heed. So this was it. He would die and by the time someone came across only a skeleton would lie upon the sand. His heart was full of regrets.

How could he be so stupid as to come alone. He prayed to God as he had never prayed before. To save him and take him back home.

As he lay slowly dying he saw water ahead shimmering in the desert sand. He tried to inch forward. Lassitude came over him. There was no strength left. He put himself in the Hands of God and closed his eyes.

He could hear his mother’s voice, ” You are going to be late.”

He opened his eyes and saw he was lying on his bed. His mother was standing in the doorway looking at him.



Food I like

Name five things inside your refrigerator right now, and how you feel about them.

At the moment there are various things lying inside the refrigerator, but I have to choose five. Right?
So here I go ………
The first one: Egg.

Without an egg my breakfast is incomplete. Best source of energy and protein.
I stopped eating an egg when I had my gall bladder operation. For two years I couldn’t eat it. Even I couldn’t bear the sight of it. Gradually I came back to eating it.

The second thing: Butter.

When I am having my toast I spread a little bit on one piece of bread. I have tried to live without it but I can’t resist it’s magnetic pull.

My brain says to my heart:

“You dumb thing! It’s not good for you”.

My heart.

“Surely a little bit won’t do any harm?”

My brain shrieks, “Why are you bent on getting clogged arteries?”

My heart ignores the warning and the brain gives up.

Here is the third one: Fruit.


I am a fruit fanatic. Fruit is my one weakness. If there was no fruit there would be no me.

No meal is complete unless there is fruit. My life revolves around fruit.
I eat less of cooked food leaving space for it.

The fourth is Lettuce.

I simply love having it. It’s good for health. The green leaves add color to a salad.

The fifth one is milk.


Without milk life would have been a misery.
Milk is the essence of life. My tea is made with one tea bag in one cup of milk and microwaved.
I look forward to enjoying it in the morning. And this way my morning begins.

Food I Like




If you had to be trapped inside a movie for five days, which movie would you pick?

Image from the Internet

First of all I wouldn’t like to be trapped inside a movie for one minute let alone for five days. That will be a fate worse than death itself.

Movies require time to sit and watch. I don’t think I have the stamina now to endure sitting still for an hour and a half. Unless it has a gripping story and it runs on a fast pace. I dislike movies with endless dialogues and un necessary scenes of hero and heroine’s coupling up.

Earlier I liked Indiana Jones and his escapades. Probably trapped inside in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) I may have liked.

All that running through a forest and going off to Peru to return the Crystal Skull to a Temple in the fictional city of Akator would have been fun. But I had to be very watchful in not getting annihilated in the process.

When the Skulls come to life and the Temple walls crumble, it was a scary moment. A massive flying saucer rises from the debris and a flood of water engulfs the remains of the city, I would have been scrambling for life.

I would have enjoyed the thrill of all that chasing around. Come to think I have forgotten Jackie Chan and his antics. Maybe I would like to be trapped in his movie.



After Life

Do you believe in after life or reincarnation?


I don’t believe in Reincarnation. Some people believe that they have seven or nine lives. I think it’s all poppycock and there is no truth in it.

I do believe in After Life. It’s my belief and belief of countless Muslims all over the world.

God has Himself stated that we will be resurrected from dead on Judgement Day. A call will be sounded and every human being will come alive. God has explained it that the way the dead earth comes alive with rain and turns green, people will wake up from their deep slumber in graves and will become alive.

The people will assemble before God. Whatever good they did on this earth and whatever mischief they committed everything will be laid bare before God.

The Righteous will go to Heaven and the Wrongdoers will be sent to Hell.

This is our Muslim concept. I have heard of other religions, their beliefs are more or less the same of after life.


After Life