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Finding Out

On my first day at Nola’s home, grand daughter M5 came shyly near me to hug, and say “Salam ” to me. After a few minutes, she came again, peering closely she ascertained, ” You are my mom’s mama?”

Satisfied with my yes, she went back to eating her breakfast.

Picture drawn by M4.

The Finger Crack

To my horror it gave a resounding crack. For a few moments, I stood frozen in my space. I looked at my painful digit in an unbelievable stare. Fearing I was going to the Emergency in the next few minutes, I felt terrified at the prospect.

During my recent visit to daughter, I wanted to make garlic bread. I stopped kneading flour years ago. Back in Peshawar, I have a dough making machine. Here, I use an electric mixer for the job. Whenever I visit Nola, I miss my home cooked roti (flat bread) to go with meals. Urging her to buy a mixer, she won’t comply. Says she doesn’t need it. She has the hand held one which obviously can’t be used to knead dough.

She had asked me to buy her a dough making machine, when she saw mine. I bought one for her. I had ascertained from the shopkeeper that it would work on DC current. It didn’t. Apparently the shop keeper lied to me while charging me more for it. Nola tried to find an adapter for changing the current from AC to DC. She couldn’t find one, and had to throw away the machine.

I had used my hand to knead the dough in Nola’s home. After the initial pain, it subsided. I watched my right finger anxiously for some time, thinking if it swelled, I would have to see a doctor. Thankfully, it didn’t. I feel it was dislocated, and slipped into its joint when I pressed my fingers into the dough.


Telling children to behave is getting harder. I brought up my own children aeons ago. Getting children to listen is an art I have forgotten. M4 (grand daughter) brings the germs from school, and then sneeze everywhere. I have to constantly tell her to sneeze 🀧 in the crook of her arm. She forgets.

She gets 😠 when I say something. I had to remind her about the two angels sitting on her shoulders, who write everything she does. One records her good behavior, while the other bad. She went quiet 🀫, and listened. I will have to remember to repeat when she won’t listen.

Living with Son has its own advantages. He is never at 🏠. He doesn’t observe me all the time. With children around, one has to be careful. I wait till Nola has put them to bed before watching anything on πŸ“Ί, but children have a knack of getting out of bed when it’s time to πŸ’€. I was sitting at the dinning table, and watching Animal πŸ¦’ πŸ˜πŸ…πŸ¦“πŸ¦Œ Planet on my iPad when one child πŸ§’ crept to my back. Soon there were three. One even wondered aloud,”How come Nano (that’s me) can watch tv, while we cannot “.

“Because I don’t have to go to school tomorrow “, I retorted.

TJ (grandson) was sighing over himself ,”When I grow up, I will watch tv all day”. I didn’t say anything, acknowledging to myself only that children don’t know how lucky they are. They don’t know how cumbersome it really is to become an adult.

Can’t Get It Right

I wanted my gift ready for daughter’s birthday. It wasn’t! I was fasting, and didn’t have enough time to complete it with getting up for Sehr, and all the cooking done for Iftari. Then Nola left for a three weeks stay in home country, and I thought of gaining more time to do my painting.

Son looked at my efforts, and wasn’t much impressed. Another one I presented to his highness. So time went by. This one has met with a tiny bit of approval.

While coming back Nola and family missed a flight, and spent an extra day in France. My painting is of my grand daughters in Mauregard.

The Last Afternoon

I asked Son to accompany me to the library to return the books I had finished reading. Son was in his la la land. This is a term he has coined which means skipping the internet, and too busy immersed in it to notice someone asking him for something. Then I told IB (my dear grandson) to come with me.

This is IB’s last afternoon with us. As usual he carried his penny board with us to skate board outside. He made us buy him the small skate board despite having a long board. He told us that Inshallah when he comes to us next time he can leave the long board home. The smaller one can be packed in his bag.

I made fries for his lunch. After he finished them, I asked him as usual, “Can I cut an apple for you?” I’m always expecting him to say, “Yes please”. The answer was no. Mine was, “Okay, I’m peeling one right now, and you are going to have it”.

He laughed at that,” Why do you bother to ask me when you are going to make me eat an apple?”



Son had promised IB (grandson) that he will take him to the park for skateboarding. IB’s stay with us is coming to a close. I feel sad already, wondering when we will next see him, and that is probably next year. Feeling, I must grab the moments spent with him, I got ready to go with them.

Meanwhile, IB the couch potato he is, tried his best at dissuading his father not to go out, insisting that the park where his father was taking him wasn’t meant for skateboarding. IB is totally addicted to his iPad, while we wanted him to get a few hours of air, and sun outside.

Popes Island had the children’s park. Alongside was the boat’s arena. Lucky people having their own boats. Children IB’s age were playing, but IB insisted he was too old to play there. Son, and I sat on the seesaw, while two energetic children- the same age as IB (twelve) sat beside us to push the seesaw up, and down. The boy was sweet, as he later came back again to help us in seesawing.


This park was in Fair haven, MA. On the other side of the bridge constituted New Bedford.


We went to Livesey Park, trying to ignore IB’s protestations that the park wasn’t meant for skateboarding. There were all sorts there — grown ups who were walking briskly on the side walks, children and grown ups cycling, teenagers playing volleyball.

IB skateboarded on the side walk till he was tired, and wanted to go back home.

Acushnet River

Looking Forward

IB (grandson) is a funny fellow. He was asking me about M1 (daughter ‘s eldest one), and when was she returning back from Pakistan? She has gone there along with her parents, and siblings to attend her cousin’s wedding. I told him the due date which is four days later.

I asked him, “Are you missing her?”

M1 is great with kids. They open up to her. Apparently it looks like I don’t have this skill. When she was here for a few days, IB wouldn’t leave her side for a minute even. If she was sitting on a sofa, he would be cuddled up next to her. When she would lie down on bed, IB would go to his bed only when lights were turned off. I think if he would have permission to sleep in her bed, he would have gladly done so.

His reply to my question was, “It’s good to have someone to talk to.”

So whose fault it is?

Certainly not mine! Looks like I have crossed over into invisibility.