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As Muslims, we are getting much nearer to the end of our thirty days fasting period — the month which is known as Ramadan. When God decreed it centuries ago for believers, many didn’t know how beneficial it was to health, but now fasting has been proven through scientific knowledge, of utmost value to our health.

One thing I can vouch for is shinning white teeth. Normally I brush my teeth thrice a day minimally, but in Ramadan probably I do more. Once I’m in the bathroom, I reach for the toothpaste almost reflexively— forgetting I’ve not eaten anything since Sehr timings. The result is that teeth shine like pearls — Masha’Allah!

When my late husband was alive, and I lived in Pakistan, every Ramadan started with Dora Quran. It was held at a friend’s house where like minded ladies gathered every Thursday to read, and gain more insight into Quran, and Islam. With the beginning of Ramadan the meeting was held every day, and we women had Dora Quran which meant a quick reading of one Sipara (one part of the Quran– there are thirty parts) each day. It used to be quite comprehensive, as it entailed various aspects of our religion.

Then dear husband died, and I got permanently shifted to the US. It has been five years now, and I missed the valuable lessons about being a better human than I initially was, and doing charity work which I learnt through our weekly meetings.

This year I got lucky that my daughter visited me just before the beginning of Ramadan. Daughter was getting audio recordings daily from her neighbor in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her neighbor held Dora Quran. My daughter asked that I should be included in getting the audio recordings daily. Jazak’Allah Khair to the lady for including me. It’s really inspiring.

It’s told that Angels are present when the Quran is read in the mornings. Normally I read two pages every morning after Fajr Prayers, and again when I’m having breakfast I read, and listen to it on my iPad.

It was a revelation to read Chapter 19, Surah Shuarah, Ayat 196 that Quran is the same book which earlier generations received from Torah to the Bible. Basically the teachings are the same except for the parts where they slung mud at the prophets, and distorted the fact that God is One only, and no other exists beside Him. Those books got muddled, and distorted through the hands of misguided zealots.

Religious fanatics against Islam are trying their best to do the same thing to Quran, but it’s almost impossible, as there are many Muslims who memorize each and every word. Even if distortions occur no one can put false interpretations in each, and every copy. A true version will be always be there till the end of time.


Below is a painting by Sadiquain (an artist from Pakistan). It’s a calligraphic. The words are from Surah Rahman. Rahman means God. Throughout this Surah the words which are repeated are: Which is it, of the favors of your Lord, that ye deny?

الرَّحْمَٰنُ  ﴿١﴾؅ 1. The Beneficent

خَلَقَ الْإِنْسَانَ مِنْ صَلْصَالٍ كَالْفَخَّارِ  ﴿١٤﴾؅ 14. He created man of clay like the potter’s,

وَخَلَقَ الْجَانَّ مِنْ مَارِجٍ مِنْ نَارٍ  ﴿١٥﴾؅  15. And the jinn did He create of smokeless fire.

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ  ﴿١٦﴾؅. 16. Which is it, of the favours of your Lord, that ye deny?



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Trump has unfurled hate among his neo- Nazi followers. It’s okay to be a racist, and run down immigrants, Muslims, women, foreigners and poor. 

Son told me early at morn when he came back from the mosque from Fajr prayers, that tomorrow ie  on Friday, the Trump bigots are going to hold a rally in front of the mosque. In case you don’t know that from Friday Zuhr (noon) prayers, a Muslim can’t be exempted from not saying his prayers in the mosque.

It’s obligatory (from religious point of view) on Muslim males to say their five times prayers within a mosque. For females: they can say their prayers at home. Many can’t fulfill this obligation due to various reasons. For example they live far away from a mosque, or because of the timing of their jobs, but keeping away from Friday noon prayer is considered a grave sin.

In Texas you can carry firearms, and these supermacists maybe carrying guns. To a mother’s heart it looks scary, so told Son, “Please keep away from the mosque tomorrow”. Son was aghast at my suggestion.

“How can you tell me not to say my prayers in the mosque?”

I can only hope, and pray that at morning prayer it’s too early for the trouble mongers to assemble there, and at noon Son doesn’t get the time from his job, and is not free to go to say his prayer at the mosque.

My heartfelt prayer is for love and peace to reside in every heart.

Verses 85 and 86 from the Quran. Surah (Chapter) 10 Yunus:

فَقَالُوا عَلَى اللَّهِ تَوَكَّلْنَا رَبَّنَا لَا تَجْعَلْنَا فِتْنَةً لِلْقَوْمِ الظَّالِمِينَ  ﴿٨٥﴾؅

وَنَجِّنَا بِرَحْمَتِكَ مِنَ الْقَوْمِ الْكَافِرِينَ  ﴿٨٦


So they said, “Upon Allah we rely. Our Lord make us not (objects of) trial for the wrong doing people.

And save us by your Mercy from the disbelieving people”.




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Cure for an Ailment 

Every ailment needs a cure. You only have to ask the person afflicted with it to find out how dreadful life is for the sufferer. In times of sickness I used to repeat certain Adiyah (invocations, or act of supplications to God).

One of them was the dua (invocation) of Prophet Ayub (he is called Job in the Bible) mentioned in the Quran.

He suffered from a painful disease (the nature of which is not disclosed by the Quran). Historic reports say he had a skin disease. His family and friends, except his wife, left him unattended.

Despite the hardships he remained patient, and grateful to God. Ultimately God cured him.

His dua is mentioned in the Quran, in Surah (Chapter) 21 Al Anbiya, Ayat (Verse) 83.


And (remember) Ayub (Job) when he called his Lord saying, “here I am afflicted by pain, and you are the Most Merciful of all the merciful”.

And God tells us in Chapter 40, Surah Ghafir, Ayat 60.

Translation of the Ayat:

And your Lord says, “Call on me I will answer your prayer”.

Praying to God for help works too.

Note: Although I wrote the above in response to the daily prompt “The Placebo Effect”, but God’s Mercy is real, and is not a placebo effect. From 2003 –2012,  I suffered, but recovered through God’s Mercy on me. I used to say the above Ayat of Al Anbiya on myself plus having treatment.

Placebo Effect

If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Verse of the Day

Above is Surah Ikhlas from the Quran. It’s the 112 Surah. It has four Ayats (verses). Ikhlas means Purity of Faith.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 

Say, “He is Allah, the One, and Only

Allah, the Eternal, Absolute 

He begetteth not, nor is He begotten

And there is none like unto Him”.

The concept of pure monotheism was foreign to almost all the people living in Arabia: the pagans, Jews, and Christians, at the time Islam came.

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) invited people to worship God alone. To answer people’s questions this Surah was revealed.

I have imitated  Musings of AJ


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Learning The Quran

Before learning the Quran, a person has to start with a preliminary book called the Qaida. This has the Arabic alphabets (28 in all) plus the different shapes of the alphabets when they are joined. A religious teacher makes you learn their different sounds. After finishing the Qaida, you start with the Quran.

Normally, parents start with their children at an early age. They hire a teacher who can come and spend time with the child to make him or her learn. Now times are different. It’s easy to connect to a teacher via internet. My learning started at the age of three. A maid servant would accompany me to a nearby mosque. My lessons were thrice a week. I used to dread going there. The moulvi sahib (religious teacher) would be punishing boys left and right (I was the only girl there). Though he was never harsh with me, it was scary for me. Fortunately, my father got posted from that area so my learning came to a stop.

After a longer period, I started again with a lady teacher. My mother would send me to her house twice a week. This lady was a smiling sort of a woman. I don’t think I learnt a great deal from her. After my mother died and I shifted from uncle’s house to live with my father, my school started. Father hired another moulvi sahib to come in the evenings daily, except for weekends. I would be tired from school and homework, and there would come the moulvi sahib. I resented him a lot. Why? Because he would make me recite the Holy Book over and over (there was no escape from it) and my elder brother Lala would go scot free after a few minutes of his lessons. I would be sitting for hours on end (to me the time looked endless) and wanting to go and play.

One day I got so fed up with my teacher I threw my sipara (one of the thirty parts of the Quran) down on the floor. It was a terrible thing to do. I expected dire punishment from him, but he calmly told me to pick it up and went on with the lesson. I don’t exactly remember when I finished learning the Quran. Perhaps I was about seven.

I was eleven when my father gave me a Quran with English translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali as a gift. It was a marvelous gift. To this day, I have not seen a better translation. Before that, I did not know what was written as it was all in Arabic. Reading the Holy Book with translation opened its doors to me. My favorite time was reading the Quran after Fajr (morning prayers). Here, I confess sheepishly, I think as a child the stories fascinated me more than the religious aspect of it.

My childhood reading continued into adulthood. The Quran has always been my mentor, guiding me on the right path. Shukr Alhumdulillah (thanks and praise be to Allah) for giving me this Book. I would have been lost without it. Reading it has always been an uplifting experience for me. The Quran opens a person’s spiritual eyes. I always feel a sense of wonder,joy and elation. I feel truly blessed. There so many people who go through life unaware of what they are missing.