On My Own

Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim
Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an over whelming situation – on the job, at home, at school. What was the outcome?

Last year in August 2012 after my husband died, I was left alone to fend for myself. My two children left for their own homes. I was totally on my own. My son did ask me to lock up my home and leave with him. He was worried as to how I was going to cope on my own.

I told him that I would join him later once I finished resolving the main issues I was facing, and they were quite a few. The big ones were the house transferred in my name, the court decision in my name, taxes to be paid and my Army widow pension.

There were so many things I had to do by myself. My husband had not exposed me to outside matters. I was leading a very sheltered life. He would accompany me to a doctor’s visit too.

The first day I went to CMH (Combined Military Hospital) on my own, my eyes were pools of tears when I entered the hospital. I had injured my right eye getting a scratch from a palm leaf when I was pulling out weeds.

It wasn’t an Out Patient Day so the doctor was not supposed to see me. It was surgery day. I waited outside one of the eye specialist’s door. When the doctor came out, (summoning my courage) I went up to him and told him my problem. He did the examination and prescribed eye drops and some tablets.

That’s how I got going and doing things on my own.

On My Own


Now You See Me

You have a secret super power: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new super power? Tell a story.

I think if I had this ability to appear and disappear I would have enjoyed it a lot, specially during childhood. I remember as children we were always playing Hide and Seek for hours on end. It would have been a great boon. No one would have been able to find me. I was found out more than anyone else to my dislike. I was always the one trying to find others.

If I get this ability now I can use it for different purposes.

If someone is attacking me to rob me, I will be able to disappear and whack that person to incapacitate him or her. Imagine the attacker getting the surprise and that someone won’t do it ever again.

I will use this ability to find out the true feelings towards me of friends and relatives. I will lurk in their homes, (horrible, I must say for them) and will be able to gauge who are my true well wishers. That way I will keep up with true friends.
But at the same time it will be violating their privacy and that will be a bad thing.

I would like to find out the true nature of our politicians and what they are upto. Exposing them will have great benefits. It will be a good thing.
When one finds out their true nature the people will be able to choose the best one among them. Won’t this be marvelous?

This ability can be put to good use.

Now please tell me where can I go to have it?

Now You See Me

Never Again

Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil
Tell about a conversation you couldn’t help but over hear and wish you hadn’t.

My two children were very young at that time. My husband was as usual sitting somewhere on the border. He would visit us after a fourteen days gap for a day and night. The time would pass so quickly and then he would go back to his unit.

To pass the time the wives would meet each other. One evening I was playing with my children in our back yard when there was a bell. Two of the seniors’ wives had decided to pay me a visit.

We chatted for a while and then I got up and excused myself to make tea for them. After rounding up some eatables and tea I headed towards the living room. I froze in the doorway. One of them was calling me a liar. Why?

Earlier she had asked me about my expenses. Although I didn’t like her questioning me, I had explained to her that there was no saving from my husband’s pay. Whatever he gave me was spent by the end of the month. Actually at that time my husband was paying his younger two brothers college fees and board and lodging. It would take a huge chunk out of his pay.

Why she would doubt me that I don’t know. It left a bad taste in my mouth. After having tea they left. A month later my husband’s transfer came and we departed for a new location. I didn’t have to meet that lady again.

Never Again


Tattoo — You?

Daily Prompt: Tattoo —- You?
Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on your skin?

I don’t have a tattoo and I don’t want it either. Tattoo is damaging a body permanently for a vain reason. It covers the natural body and is therefor a form of deception.

Besides I am a Muslim and tattoo is haram which means forbidden.

Tattooing is considered mutilating the body changing God’s creation.
It inflicts unnecessary pain, and introduces the possibility of infections.

I see so many people with tattoos. They were beautiful otherwise and there was no need for them to adorn themselves with such embellishments. They looked fine the way they looked without the addition of tattoos.

I love mehndi designs on my hands when Eid comes. The designs are lovely. Mehndi is not permanent and there are so many lovely designs to choose. The designs fade away after a couple of days leaving you to try another one if you like.

Mehndi cones are available. So let’s try one of these ….



Photos Credit: Google
Tattoo — You?

Wish List

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much a detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.


At the top of my Wish List this moment are not one but two items.
1. A House.
2. A Car.

I am terrible at decisions. I left years ago all important decisions to my husband.

If I needed something I would express my wish. Sometimes when that wish was way too expensive I would forget about it.

My wish would keep on circulating in my husband’s brain. I would forget but he would remember, and usually a day would come when I was handed over what I wanted.

Now left to myself I agonize whether I am making a correct decision.

I am searching for a house. Buying anything is becoming dearer. The sale price keeps going up. Where I like a house, my son is more likely to object that the locality is not safe. I keep living in a limbo waiting we both agree on every aspect of it.

Now about my second wish. I would like a new car with years of no problems.
Check: Both my children advise against it. It will standing in the driveway for months in the sun. When I am not here anyone can drive it and I won’t be paying a higher insurance rate.
I won’t get a jolt to my heart if anyone dents it. I won’t worry.

So I am waiting …. The search goes on.

My Poem.
A house, a car are on my waiting list
When I acquire them, that will be it

Searching and looking may bear fruit
The joy I will feel will follow suit

I am not in a hurry, can do a long wait
When God wants to give me that will be a date


Wish List

The First Blog

How do you feel about the first blog post you ever wrote?
What do you want for your blog?

The first blog post I wrote was, “Beginning.” The date was 24th Feb 2013. It was a great discovery to a virtual world, I never knew existed. It was a new beginning, so I named it such. I was on a visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I had initially gone there for two weeks but stayed on the insistence of my daughter for two months.
Here is a picture of where I stayed.


After the death of my husband in August 2012, I was on my own. I was alone and time stood on my hands. So when I visited Nola, she suggested to me to write a blog. I laughed at first at the mere notion of it. Nola was serious. She convinced me gradually, so that’s how I started.

The first thing was the Blog’s name. Flowers is taken from my middle name and Breezes from my first name. Flowersandbreezes was born. My fictitious name Sheenmeem is taken from the first and last letter of my name.

I am trying to improve my writing skills. It is a gradual process. I would like to write fictitious stories in the future. Up till now I have only written three stories. After that may be I write a serial one on a weekly base. At the moment I don’t want to think ahead. I live my life from day to day.

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The First Blog

Life of Sheen

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