My husband was posted to Multan. As usual he was sitting at some border post, while the children and I were alone, and living in Old Fort Colony. The houses were reserved for Army Officers and their families. My daughter was about a year old and son two years and nine months old.

I would try to finish my housework around ten so that the children could play outside on the patio. The kids would take out their bicycles and playthings. They would play and I would keep a watchful eye on them while knitting, sewing or doing some embroidery or other such thing. Sometimes my neighbors would come and join me. We would be chatting and drinking tea, another pastime.

I had taken out my sewing machine, and was busy stitching a dress for my daughter. Suddenly my son started crying, “Look mama, an ant has bitten me.”

I don’t know at which point he had taken off his shoes, and was running around barefoot. I hushed him and told him he was a big boy, and being bitten by an ant was nothing to cry about. In a minute he was again playing with his sister, and I returned to finish sewing.

As I was getting up, he rushed to me, excited. He held on to my hands trying to drag me towards one corner, “See mama, I have killed the ant which bit me.”
I was flabbergasted when I looked at the ant. It was not an ant but a Scorpion.

Images: Thanks to Google.


The Excitement Never Ends

Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends. Tell us about the last thing that got you excited, about –butterflies- in- the-stomach, giggling, can’t- wait excited.
Show Excitement.

I look to new happenings with the excitement of a child. The anticipation leads me to have butterflies in my stomach. Even to buying a new book, for which I will be waiting, gets me excited. My last great excitement was, meeting my son SR after a gap of five years.

My son came to USA in Aug 2001 for his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. As time went on he remained busy and he didn’t visit us. He did his MS and started a job. I missed my only son. I kept on persuading my husband for a visit. He was not keen at all. He would say, “You go. Have I stopped you from going?”

I didn’t feel like leaving him alone. I found out earlier when you leave your husband alone, he changes. The bitter truth is, that a husband gets used to a life of his own. A sort of distance comes between a husband and a wife. Maybe one or both change, it depends upon the circumstances.

I kept on waiting for him to say yes to coming with me.

Finally in the year 2006, he agreed. I was over the moon with excitement. 😊. God did take pity on me. SR at that time was in Cary, North Carolina. The many change over of planes didn’t deter my excitement of seeing my son after a gap of five years. Can you imagine that?

But the excitement did dampen. How in the world that happened? Please read on.

When we arrived at Cary’s small airport, my dear, darling son was nowhere in sight. Earlier on, after arriving at JFK in the morning at 7.30am, I phoned SR and told him about our connecting flight to Cary, and that our estimated arrival time was probably 3.00pm. I expected him to be waiting for us with open arms for his parents. Alas! I was in for a disappointment.

The airport quickly emptied. My husband and I, weary with traveling kept waiting for SR to materialize. He did come after a wait of an hour and a half. I was totally pissed off. During the long wait my mind kept flashing back to my daughter and son in law. They were always waiting in the Arrival Hall, whenever I visited. I remember once in a Blizzard they were there to greet me at Detroit Airport. They had driven from Indianapolis to Michigan, and my daughter was waiting with a month old baby in her arms.

My son’s tardiness was an anticlimax for me. 😕

The Excitement Never Ends

Visit to Dallas

A day before, we travelled to Dallas. My son had to attend a conference and not wanting to stay alone, my grandchildren and I came along with him. We are staying at Springhill Suites and straight ahead is the Dallas World Aquarium. Yesterday the kids and I, we were on our own. The younger two and I, left the elder one to his studies. The middle one, Sn did whisper to me, “He is not studying, he is playing games on his laptop.” I ignored it as H didn’t want to come with us.

We didn’t wait for the shuttle to take us, so we crossed over to the Mall on foot. This Mall also houses Legoland. Actually the younger one wanted to visit Legoland, but there was a rush of people and the tickets they were giving were for 5pm. Instead I bought the tickets for the Aquarium.





Sn is pressing a Star Fish with a finger.

After having lunch the kids wanted to go to the swimming pool. Although I was tired, I went along with them to keep an eye. I did well to accompany them, as later on they were hitting each other with towels, and I B being tired started crying.

I use my iPad for taking photos, but yesterday I also used my old Kodak for taking pictures. I can’t use those pictures because the cables for connecting are back home in Peshawar. I forgot to bring them as usual.


Daily Prompt: What’s the one luxury you can’t live without? Show Luxury.

You have everything in life
Money, house, expensive car
All those luxuries that go with life
But the greatest luxury
You cannot do without
Is Health

Health is a Luxury
You cannot do without
Other things pale
No health, you fadeout

Photo by Sheen

Regrets, I’ve had Few

View across the Hudson River. Photo by Sheen.

Regrets, there are always
They haunt me and pursue
Decisions that I made
They were quite a few

I was young and growing up
Not sure where it will lead to
At that time, it looked alright
Now I cannot redo

It happened for a reason
That only God knew
Now I try to reach for happiness
And hope it will continue, I’ve had Few


Before the schools opened, we went to an Outlet Mall on Tax Free Day. My daughter in law wanted new shoes, clothes for the children. We started a bit late. When we reached there it was full of people milling around. The sun was sweltering hot, and I was already regretting on coming along. Earlier I had done my shopping while visiting Newark, New York, Long Island and New Jersey.

I tagged my son and daughter in law while they bought the needful. I love shoes and sandals and never tire of getting new ones. It is a standing joke my children need to spout and say, “Mama by now you must be having more shoes than Imelda Marcos?”
” Not yet,” my reply.
Or they sarcastically remark, ” Have you broken the record yet?”

I was lucky that day and got two lovely sandals at throw away prices. 😊. The ones I bought were, at Macy’s, for eighty five dollars or so, plus they were tax exempted. Later on I kept sitting in a shoes shop while my grandsons were getting their shoes. My son and d in law went off to make their own purchases.

Bored and waiting I glanced at other people in the store. Two of them got my attention, because they sat next to me. One was a mother with her teenage son. The mother kept on making her son try different ones, never satisfied. I imagined myself in her place. She looked harried and there were worry lines on her face. I wondered where her husband was? Whether she was by herself bringing up her son? How lonely must be life for her and how tiring?

The second person sitting next to me was a girl, probably in her early twenties. She wore a mini, off shoulders dress. It was a sort of skin fitting one. Idly I wondered how she got into it. She was wearing very high heels and I kept thinking the heels must be killing her. She kept getting up and tried different ones. I imagined myself in her place and thanked my lucky stars I was not her. Wearing the type of dress she wore, which showed all her curves, if I was wearing one like that I would have sunk right through the floor. There was no boyfriend or parents with her. She was all by herself. 😞

I tried to imagine what life must be for her. A lonely life. There were no girls with her either. She must have come on her own.

Finally my family completed their shopping and had we had lunch at a place famed for it’s Middle East cooking.

Along the way. Photo by Sheen.

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