The Music Swirls

Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder
Describe what it feels like to hear a beautiful piece of music or see a stunning piece of Art.



Paintings by Albert Bierstadt

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
We have been hearing it for a long time
It’s true there is no doubt about it
Lovely music and sublime art glow anytime

Your heart swells, you are in a wonderful world
Images of Art fill your brain
The music swirls around in waves
The world becomes a better place to live again

Music is for the happiness of soul
Uplifting, joyful, desirable
Beautiful art makes you marvel
Together both of them eternal


Paintings by Isaac Ilyich Levitan
The Music Swirls


Do I Love Clothes?

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make The (Wo) man
How important are clothes to you? Describe your style. If you have one, tell how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself. Show STYLE.

Whenever I watch National Geographic and see naked people in jungles, I feel lucky and blessed in having clothes to wear. I give thanks to God that I am not one them. I appreciate what I have. Clothes and manners do not make a person, but they do improve appearances. I don’t think you can deny this?

Clothes protect you from the elements. The harmful sun rays in summer and cold in winter. Clothes announce you to the world who you are. If you are dressed in shabby clothes, people don’t respect you.

Buying new clothes does take a lot of consideration. You require money first of all to spurge on new clothes. The other thing required is time to look around. You need patience, lots of it. What you are seeking and you find it you are pleased beyond any doubt.

I must confess clothes are my weakness too. I do love to add to my existing wardrobe. Good clothes enhance your personality and build up your confidence. My favorite colors are blue, green, white and grey. I love clothes in cotton more than in silky material. My criteria for buying is if I look good in it, the color suits me I buy it. I stifle my heart pangs at the cost of it.

Good clothes makes you feel better. Wearing them you are ready to conquer the world. People tend to get impressed by what you wear.

I love getting new clothes. There is a huge drawback. The one thing I dislike about myself is, I keep on hanging onto my old ones. It is sheer torture and combine with it the mental agony I go through, I can’t get rid of my old clothes. It seems I am parting with good friends. There is the matter of space in the closet too. If I don’t part with the old ones, how can I get new ones? See this is a big dilemma for me.

Hello Everyone. Don’t you love getting a new wardrobe? A Happy Sigh……I am not alone.

Images credit: Internet.
Do I Love Clothes?

One Of Them

Daily Prompt: New Internet Order
All the world’s countries have decided that the Internet itself needs a government. Your country asks you to run for Prime Minister of the NET- do you accept?

A leader is a person who looks after his country
Whether he is in office or not
Selflessly he works for the betterment of his country
Whether he does gain or not

In today’s world a leader is becoming a scarcity
Most of them are corrupt
Liars, opportunists, hypocrites
Looking only for their own interests

Makes you sick when you think of them
Why would you like to be one of them

Images Credit: Google
One Of Them

What The Future Holds?

This is in response to Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis

My face reflects that of my father. When I was a child anyone who saw me would invariably remark to my father, “She looks just like you.” My father would look pleased. My father was fair in colour. He had thick jet black hair and black eyes which looked striking in his face. I differed with brown eyes and gold brown hair. It must have been the bone structure and over all resemblance that led to that remark. I don’t remember my mother’s looks as she died at quite a young age of twenty eight. Probably my brown hair and eyes came from my paternal Grandma.

I am five feet one inch. Both my parents were five feet ten inches tall. In height I went to Grandma. She was petite.

Grandma and my three aunts were very pretty, specially my younger two aunties were lovely with green eyes. I think I got my nose from my father. My father was my “Knight in Shinning Armor,” for a long time till I married my husband.

Everybody has a flaw. No one is perfect. Father was calm and cool so my quick temper must be from my mother. I will never know.

My cleanliness habits came definitely from father. He was a very clean and meticulous person. I am a maniac and try to kill myself on regular basis in cleaning my home from top to bottom. I have passed on the cleaning gene to my daughter. She complains regularly about it to me. I should know. It is extremely tiring.

I am a very shy person. My face flames a fiery red in a few seconds. I have a too expressive face. I wish it was not so. People familiar with me can gauge my feelings from the expressions on my face. If I am trying to hide something my face turns red. I can’t fathom from where that came, because grandma, father, uncles and aunts weren’t shy at all.

My dimples got passed on to my son, but my daughter and grand daughters got my voice. My husband’s voice is echoed in my son’s and grandsons voices. My children’s feet and grandsons feet are ditto copies of my husband’s feet. Even their hands are copies of my husband’s hands. Can you imagine my son and grandsons have twenty eight teeth each, exactly like my husband? My daughter and I, we both have thirty two teeth.

My husband had sea green eyes. Both the children got their eye color from me. One of my grandson has got green eyes but their color is lighter.

My husband and I were good at studies. Both of us got scholarships to college. Our children surpassed us by being Gold Medalists. My husband was a Maths Wiz. Both my children got the Math gene from him. My husband’s friends used to think that I was the person who imparted those critical genes. I must confess I didn’t.

In reality I hated Maths. It was compulsory for Science students to take Elective Maths in higher classes. To this day I have nightmares. My Math teacher glares at me in my dreams and I am unable to find solutions to Algebra and Trignometry. I am there with bowed head and shaking nerves.

My husband was diabetic. He had open heart surgery and he died of stomach cancer. The medicines which he took after his heart surgery contributed to his having cancer. Please, who ever has heart problems should closely check their medicines.

I do worry about my children getting these diseases. I feel apprehensive about the future.

What the future holds for me?

I can only put my trust in God and hope the two people most important in my life, my SON and my DAUGHTER are there for me till I am alive.

What The Future Holds?

Books and Blogs

Daily Prompt: Reading Material
How do you pick what blogs or books to read? What’s the one thing that will get you to pick up a book or click on a link every single time?

I was a Bookworm, and now I have turned into a Blogworm. May I coin such a phrase?

Skipping and jumping with abandoned glee
Devouring blogs which take my fancy

I don’t know how my sixth sense or to say it accurately my book sense and blog sense developed. I gradually acquired this ability in both the cases.

Books I started reading them, very early in my childhood. As I grew up my reading choices also changed. I liked mysteries and horror stories. Probably must have been a little fiend myself. I loved autobiographies. I read all the great classics.

Those days are over now. I only read light fiction now. I keep at quite a distance from murder mysteries or sad ones. I cry buckets of tears at sad movies and books.

I look at the back cover of a book. See what is written and if it appeals to me, I take it. If it doesn’t, though I may have heard tons of praises about it, I don’t read it.

The same thing goes for a blog. Normally I like light, entertaining and humorous stuff. I am new to the blogging world. Gradually I am developing a discerning eye. There are great bloggers around me. Somedays I wish the day stretches so that I enjoy what others have written. There are great finds. My wish is for spare time to visit the blogs I like.
Books and Blogs

I Would Love To Be A Cloud

Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry
Pick a letter, any letter. Now write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

If I would be a cloud
I would play across the sky
I would skip, and I would run
I would be over the mountains high

I would love to be a cloud
I would play all day round
I would pelt the earth with rain
It would be the only work I found
I Would Love To Be A Cloud

The Travels I Have Been

Daily Prompt: On The Road
If you could pause real life and spend time living with a family, anywhere in the world, where would you go?



Going on Travels. Where would I go?
It needs thinking. Let me wear my specs. Do I see a light? Showing me a way………….

I have been to England and Scotland. Seen France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. I have visited Russia, China and Australia. Seen Eygpt, Morocco and South Africa. I have been to Mexico, Brazil and Peru. Saw remnants of the lost Aztec Civilization.




The very southern tip of South America I have seen. I have braved the freezing temperatures of Antartica.

Loved the vistas unfolding before me. The grandeur of various Palaces unfurled in front of my eyes. The Museums showing their relics of the Past.


The travels I have been, seen vistas to believe
Places so gorgeous, scenes to perceive
Been there and come back, much to my reprieve
Enjoyed what was there, have memories to retrieve

I have loved all the places I saw. How?
Through Documentries, while sitting in the comfort of my HOME. No need to go elsewhere. Going through the hassle of visas, airfares and spending exorbitant amounts of money. Why should I subject myself to all that misery?

Now seriously let me THINK? I think I would love to visit Japan. I will have to learn a little bit of Japanese. I think my grey cells don’t work the way they did aeons ago. I better prepare myself for the disappointment I have to face and have a go at a National Geographic Documentory.

The Images: Thanks to Google
The TravelsI Have Been

Life of Sheen

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