Daily Prompt: It Builds Character
Tell about a favorite character from film, theater or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart to heart. What would you talk about?


Once upon a time …………. I did have quite a collection of books. They were all hard covers — the originals. They must be very valuable now.

Oh my beloved books! Where are they now? Who got hands on them?
I know but I fear if I go for confrontation that person may deny.

As a child I read all the great classics. I think they didn’t escape my clutches. I read , ‘Gone With The Wind,’ when I was thirteen. That’s way long ago. My memory lapses, so please forgive me on any mistakes.

My favorite character was Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind.


She was vivacious, pretty and a feisty person. I don’t want to sound disloyal, but she was dumb at quite a few places. She made bad decisions at moments. She should have pulled back from various situations which she didn’t.

She fell in love with a wrong person … Ashley.

Got married to a man she didn’t love.

Snatched her sister’s beau.

Anyway the person I would like to talk is Rhett Butler.

I just want to ask him.

Why did you give up on Scarlett?

When you love a person you should tell at the earliest opportunity. Why didn’t you???

You left my heroine. It caused me heartache.

You Are Guilty Rhett, do you agree?
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One Million Dollars

If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?


Wow! I get a million dollars to spend. That will be a dream come true.

My first reaction would be ….

It will be totally unbelievable. I will be delirious with joy. First thing first and that will be a prayer of thanks to God. I am looking for a house. So my worry number one will be over. I will straight away sign for a new home. I will fill it with the best furniture I like and buy whatever is needed in my new home. It also includes shrubs and plants.

Then I will go and buy a car. Money won’t be an issue so I will buy the one which appeals to me.
That is worry number two over.

I will ask my children and give them the required money.

My sister spoiled me with Coach bags. Now none appeals to me. So I will go and buy 2-3 more. I won’t have to think twice about buying.

Normally I look at things and ask myself, “Do I need it?”
Is the price okay with me?
Will I like it after a year? Or I will scratch my head and wonder, “What did I see in it?”

Next on the list will be needy people.

After that I don’t think any money will be left.

20131103-173257.jpg Million Dollars

A Cure For Cancer

Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect
If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?


If it was possible and I could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment I would go for cancer.

Last year on 2nd Aug 2012 my husband died of cancer. He was diagnosed in Feb 2011 with Signet Ring Carcinoma of stomach. It’s the worse form of cancer.

I have seen first hand what cancer does to a person. The heartache, misery with which one goes through is immense.

My tall, handsome husband became a thin, shriveled, bald headed man. The pain and agony with which he coped was heartbreaking for me.

When I looked at him I would feel miserable at what he was going through. Several times a day I would cry. I would try not to cry in front of him but at times the tears would spill down my cheeks, when I looked at him or was helping him. Even now I am crying at the terrible and dreadful time in my life.

I hope a cure is found. I have read it that a cure has been discovered, but the pharmacy industry and cancer specialists don’t want it known. How will these people forgo to line up their already filled to the brim coffers with more dough from the sick and dying humanity?
A Cure For Cancer

The Spook Who Prayed

If you are reading this story please read “The Slaps” first.

This was before V quit his job with my new friend S.

It was evening time and S was in the kitchen. V was working with her in preparing the evening meal. S’s son was saying his prayers in the living room. V saw a very tall person in white robes praying along with S’s son.

V was a little intrigued and wanted to look at the guest as to who he was. He came a bit nearer to peek at the mystery man. At that moment the man turned his head and looked directly at V. The man had terrible red eyes. V was chilled to the bones and he shivered with fright.

V turned tail and hastily made it to the kitchen. He asked S for the identity of the tall man. She was astonished as she was not expecting any guest. Neither was she aware of anyone coming to dinner. She looked into the living room. She could only see her son praying.

“There is no one there. Are you sure you saw a guest?”

V wanting to check looked into the living room. The red eyed person glared at him again.

The Spook Who Prayed


Daily Prompt: Conflicted
You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it. How do you respond? How do you react to conflict?


Last night a conflict was going on at our dinning table.
I B was slow as is usual with him at eating his dinner. His parents were going to their friend’s place. I B wanted to go with them. The only drawback was that he wasn’t finished with his food.

He eats very slowly. He forgets the food in his mouth. Often he and Sn are bantering with each other. I B is slower than a turtle. Once a bite reaches his mouth it lodges itself permanently in one cheek, more often the right one. It stays there.

If you are there you will keep on saying:
Eat I B.
We all are getting finished.
We will leave without you. The threatening notice.
We are getting late.
Please finish quickly.

I B ‘s response:
Sigh a weary sigh, as if the weight of the world is on his tired shoulders.
Maybe transfer the lodged food to the other cheek.
Oblivious to what everyone is saying.
Sn jumps into the foray with saying something and I B responds with a sling back.

Yesterday my son took over and said, ” We are going to shoot your video and put it on uTube.”

I B instantly dissolved into tears with the bite as large as a golf ball still in his mouth. Huge tears fell down his cheeks.
Sn was taunting, “Uhuh … you will be on uTube. Everyone will see it.”

I told Sn to be quiet and told I B, ” Nobody is making a video. See there is no camera.”

It took sometime to stop his tears.

The Slaps

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A week earlier at a party, I met a fascinating woman S. This is a real happening which she told me.
Years before she moved to US, she lived in an apartment in Karachi, Pakistan. She had a servant employed for household chores. I don’t remember his name. For the story purpose lets call him V.

For some reason V wanted to quit. S coaxed him to tell her the reason. At first he refused but then he told her fearfully that every night someone passes by him and give him slaps. After getting woken up this way every night he was fed up.

Not wanting him to leave S asked her son to look into the matter. The coming night S’s son slept on a couch in the living room and made V sleep on a carpet beside him. They had a peaceful night. The next morning when V was asked whether he was slapped, his answer was, “No.”

After a few days V went to sleep in the hallway, his old place where he used to sleep. That night he again got slaps.

S told him not to sleep in the hallway, but V had made up his mind to leave. So V quitted his job.

More about V tomorrow.
The Slaps


At World’s End

Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink and Be Merry
— for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow. Tell about your last dinner — the food, your dinning companions, the setting, the conversation.


If the world is ending tomorrow I will be too scared to eat or do anything else.
At first I will be unbelieving. Is this true? I will be asking everyone.
My thoughts will be on tomorrow.
What’s going to happen?
Will it be too painful?

I will be walking up and down, feeling too jittery to eat, sit or sleep.


My heart will feel heavy. I will be feeling dreadful.
I will call my children and say a final good bye.
I will take a bath and wear my prettiest clothes. After that I will recite all the invocations I know. I will seek God’s forgiveness again and again. To calm myself I will read the Quran.

At day’s end I will be completely worn out. Probably by then I will be resigned to what’s going to happen. I may be feeling pangs of hunger. So I will have whatever is available. I will say my night prayer and lie down to sleep.
At World’s End

Life of Sheen

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