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Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

When was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

As a child I was told, ” You have two Angels with you. One on your right and the other one on your left. The right one records your good deeds. The left one records your bad deeds.” Faced with that there was no choice.

A lie I remember happened in eighth grade. It was our English Class. While the teacher was taking the class my friend N was busy reading a magazine. The teacher asked her a question. N was at a loss what to reply. “Are you busy reading something else.” N said, “No.”

Our teacher rightly guessing where N’s attention had been, suddenly asked me, “Is she telling the truth?” I was between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. I didn’t want to lie and I couldn’t tell on my friend. I quickly mumbled, “Yes.”

I was beet red with embarrassment at telling a lie. The teacher knowing me, looked at my too expressive face, let it go. N didn’t get a punishment but I did feel terrible.

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First Time Writing For The New York Times Homepage. What will it be?

My usual: A Poem

A first for me
What will it be
A story, a poem
Let me see

You can tell me
What will you like
I will write
Whenever a fancy strike

I am loving it here
Will write for you
The story of my life
As I pass through

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You go on learning
All your life
It keeps you going
Right through life

It enhances your world
Keeps you satisfied
The things you gather
Better your life

Be it the knowledge
Work that you do
It makes you friends
With the world
What you do

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A Little Girl’s Story


The girl in the picture reminds me of myself at that age. My elder brother (he was eight years elder than me) and I, we used to be the only two people at home. Our mother had died a few years earlier, and our father was immersed in his work. He spent little time with us. He left us usually to our own devices as to how we spent our time. It was our summer break.

My brother had brought me to this play area in the park. I had great fun in riding on Tigger, Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit. There was a green Thingy, looking mean with a long nose. I didn’t like him one bit even. My brother was talking to some boys his age. I never noticed when he walked away. I was busy enjoying the rides. I didn’t realize he was no longer there. When I alighted I didn’t see him. I was near tears, feeling panicky and wondering where he was?

I kept waiting where he left me. I was feeling all horrible, wondering how I will reach home when I realized someone was speaking to me. “Little girl would you like a cold Icee?” I turned and saw a man smiling down at me. Remembering what my brother used to tell me, “Never accept anything from strangers,” I told him, “No, thank you.” But insides me I would have loved a cold drink. “Have you come here alone?” He asked again, darting glances here and there. I didn’t like him at all, like the green thingy. I don’t know what made me say, “See, there is my father,” I pointed to a man standing in a group, a little away from us. That made him slunk away. I didn’t like telling a fib but my brother had told me never to talk with strangers.

That was the longest hour of my life. Meanwhile my brother after meeting his friends totally forgot about me. He reached home when he realized where he had left me. It must have shaken the life out of him. When he came back, at the sight of his face I burst into tears. He was himself fighting tears, as he hugged me. In his heart he must have been thanking God, who watched over me and kept me safe.

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A picture is worth a 1000 words.
A Little Girl Story

Night Time

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During day I am a different person. Full of hope for the day, confidant in myself. When night time comes I am the opposite of who I am.

I change into a person
Full of trepidation
Losing hope
Feeling damnation
Anguish and memories
Do invade me
Leaving me scared
A terrible sensation

Night brings despair
Hope gets lost
Memory invades
I’m prey to nightly ghosts
Night is an enemy
Day is a friend
When sleep comes
Night too becomes a friend

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Activity, Activity, where are you
Finding it difficult, rhyming with you
The brain tries to work
Noting various things
Making me write
Making me think

Reading and Writing
That’s the chief activity
Keeps me occupied
Makes me think of divinity

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