Pledge Allegiance


You are my country
I love you with fervor
Without you I would be lost
Will be down and flounder

You have given me an image
Big on the world screen
Nations look up to you
Sing praises unseen

Love you and honor you
You are my heart
My Angel my Guardian
Never to part

20130831-081105.jpg Allegiance


A Little Sneaky


Daily prompts are useful
They make your brain cells work
If daily prompts were not there
Wouldn’t have done the time work

They are nowhere any hokey
Being sneaky doesn’t work
They make you work harder
And you do your life work

Images Thanks To Google Little Sneaky



Since last Saturday I am running against time. My daughter in law’s brother died of cancer in Ireland. She was inconsolable with grief. Her friends kept coming to offer condolences. She has left for the funeral of her brother. She will be away for three weeks now. I am left holding the fort.

I have to wash, cook and clean for three kids, no make it four to include my son, the eldest kid among them. I get up at five, say my prayers hurriedly and rush downstairs to make breakfast for them. Alongside I prepare their lunches, which the children take to school.

Yesterday I didn’t prepare lunch for the youngest one. I just put a chips packet and a cold drink in his lunch bag. Per d in law’s instructions my son went and deposited money for the lunches so that the youngest one can have it there. I B after coming back from school demanded, ” Why didn’t you give me a fish burger?”

I told him that his mother wanted him to eat at school till she comes back.

“No, I don’t want to eat at school. I didn’t like the pizza they gave me,” was his answer.

I B playing at his computer

Today in the morning I made him finish his toast and milk. After brushing his teeth, changed his pj for a clean shirt and shorts. He was ready for the school bus. He came and poked at the left over fish on the tray. He told me, “It’s not supposed to be like this.” It crumbled when touched.
“How it’s supposed to be? I asked him.
“It should be hard,” was his answer.
Later on I realized his mother must have been microwaving it, whereas I baked it for twenty minutes.

This reminds me of my friend. She was looking after her sister’s two kids while the sister was in hospital. The aunt would make breakfast for them but the children wouldn’t like it.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
One of the boys demonstrated it by burning the toast. He scraped it, then started munching it happily.

The second one Sn has told me,”I am irritated with you.” As to what he is irritated at, I have yet to discover. I can only guess at it. Probably with the salad I made last night. I didn’t find the vinegar, so I squeezed lemon juice on it.

The only happy fellow in the house is my son. And here I can correctly guess the real reason. He would have to do all the chores I am doing.😊

Thank You


I would like to say, “Thank You” to two wonderful people Margaret Langridge and EJ. Both of them gave me this award.

Thank you

Please visit her blog at

Thank you EJ for the lovely words you wrote me. I tried to copy your image to my page, but I was not getting it. I always enjoy your links to songs. Please visit EJ at

Thank you to friends
Who liked me and sent
With their best intent
I love this event

Thank You


I was flabbergasted when I got the call, “Would I be interested in a movie?” My children thought it was a big joke. They were laughing their heads off thinking of their “Ancient” mama. They were firmly convinced that their mother has finally gone off her rocker. What a shame! What is their mother thinking off? Old as a bat and wanting to become a star. It’s time for the trip to a Psychologist.

They kept on whispering behind my back. I showed I didn’t care what they thought. Anyway they didn’t think for one moment to ask me, “What was the role of my character.” It was a mother role and my son was being portrayed by Zac Efron.

The role was all about me I mean the mother. The story revolved around her. The movie was based on an actual story of a mother’s sacrifices.

After a year slogging finally the movie was made. The day it opened across the country, it grossed millions and now I am a Superstar. WOW.

I am having the time of my life in Malibu.


I drive around in a Porsche.


I am headed for a nomination for an Oscar. Super Cool! Isn’t it? Never in my wildest dreams I had thought that I will have a life like this. Exciting!

That’s my life story. Except it isn’t and here I am sitting and wrote this stuff on my iPad. This is all fantasy.

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The Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you Snoogiefisk for the lovely award you gave me. I am bowled over and so happy.


The seven interesting things about myself.

1. I have very vivid dreams and things happen exactly like that. A week earlier I saw myself harried and in dirty clothes. Morning came and I used the bathroom, it got clogged. I spent most of the day in unclogging it. Before going to Newark I had a strange dream. I saw myself very upset. It did happen. Going through security I was held and whisked. I wrote about it in my blog Facing Trouble.
I saw my three grandsons in dreams before they were born. There have been so many dreams that I have lost count.

2. Please don’t laugh. I love playing games. I have Wii and my old Nintendo with lots of games. I have a DsI too. Mario is my favorite.

3. I am good at Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery and Crafts.

4. I love plants. People keep pets. I keep plants as my babies. I talk to them. I swear they are very happy when I am around them. They perk up in my presence and get greener.

5. I don’t like this about myself. I am a cleaning maniac. I tire myself needlessly.

6. I love books. My idea of heaven is having books around me and I get time to read them.

7. Whenever I cook I get raves from my friends.

I have displayed the award, thanked snoogiefisk and wrote seven facts about myself.
Now here are the nominees.








I will try to add later. Most people have the award already. I have the feeling the few I have nominated must be having it before hand.

To get the award what you have to do is:

1. Display the award certificate on your blog.

2. Announce the win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.

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5. Post 7 interesting things about youself.

I’d Like to Thank my Cats

I am dancing a jig
On announcement of an award
My heartbeats are awry
It’s the third on my record

I am feeling delirious
H’ve to prepare an accept speech
Have to get ready
And drive there to reach

Thank you God, all and sundry
I am honored and happy
Getting “Poetess of the Year” award
I am feeling touchy

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Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank my Cats

Life of Sheen

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