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I don’t know how it’s with me. For a couple of days I had a sense of misgiving hanging over me — as if something was going to happen.

It happened. Son learned through his ex that their older son H had an accident. Thank God H is alright. His car has been totaled. Someone ploughed into him from behind, and now he is skewed. Son, and I together paid for new tires, and brakes last month on his car, and now all that has gone to waste.

Life is so unpredictable!


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Gingerly I step onto my bed to pull the cord to shut down the fan lights.  I don’t like bright lights, unless it is exceptionally cold inside too. Then perhaps if they are on, it will create an illusion of warmth, otherwise I’m perfectly fine with a table lamp, or the standing light in the corner. Whereas Son comes to my bedroom (mostly he is using my printer), turn on the fan lights, and exiting he forgets to turn them off.

Running to, and fro on various errands, I feel warm, and turn on the fan, only to find the lights are on too.

I can’t call Son to switch them off, as he isn’t home at that moment in time. I have to climb onto my bed. Trying to kneel I feel the pain in my right knee. It hasn’t recovered from my car accident last year. I grimace, and manage to stand on the bed to reach the cord.

Every time I’m switching off the lights, and pain surges in my knee, I wish Son could remember that I don’t like those lights at all.



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I can only call it a fraud,  but maybe others won’t think like me. To clarify it: the selling of an extended warranty in the case of a car. When you buy a new car, the warranty is for two years. When you maintain your car nothing much happens, and it doesn’t need an extended warranty.  Things start to go wrong once it crosses the one hundred thousand miles limit. Till then the car is okay.

Dealers and insurance agents try their best to rope you in for an extended warranty. Son had bought a new car, and an extended warranty a few years back. The car met an accident. His insurance tried to fix the car, but there were major issues with the car which didn’t get fixed. When he got in touch with the warranty people, they said they had nothing to do with it. In the end he sold it, and bought another one.



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A New Set of Wheels

Late husband had set his mind on buying new wheels meaning a new car despite the opposition from my side. We didn’t need one. The car belonging to him had barely done eleven thousand miles. It was a very comfortable car. 

I thought it suited us fine. Dear husband refused to be convinced on the merits of his car. While I remained opposing buying a new one, he kept trying to change my views. He didn’t had the heart to go against my wishes. A day came when my resistance crumbled.

He sold it to delighted new owners who were really happy to get our car at a bargain price. The day they drove away in it, they were grinning from ear to ear, and while they were buying it they kept exclaiming over the almost new condition of the interior of our car.

The new car met with an accident within a month of R’s acquiring it. A truck banged it in the rear, badly denting it. We had it repaired, and used it for almost two years. I sold it after his death. My children wanted me to keep it, and sell mine, but his was costlier, and I needed the money to pay taxes. They didn’t want a part of their father to let go.

The day I parted with his car was a sad day for me. It was like losing him all over again. While the car was standing in the garage, it seemed he was still there. It was the awful realization he wasn’t coming back, and will never be among us.



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Despite the nineteen years edge I have over my son S, he scolds me when he sees me slowing down the car while taking a turn. He doesn’t understand my fear of having a repeat of what happened to me on 2nd June. 

While taking a right turn, I didn’t slow down. The car went on a curb, and hit a tree. My car’s accident is still fresh in my mind. It will take some time for it to get erased from memory.

In a way it’s good, one learns from mistakes. I will always remain careful.


Daily Prompt


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Yesterday was the first time (since my car accident), I had a go at my son S’s car. His ex wife has his new car, and he drives her Pilot. He drove to the local mosque which is nearer to his rented apartment, to let me have a practice run in the parking area.

There were children playing at one end. We were confined to a small space at the other end. I have told my son repeatedly that I wasn’t at the learner stage— I was way passed that. I first drove in 2004. He wouldn’t listen. I drove round and round till my brain started going round and round too — but no one saw that.

Finally at the tail end, he let me drive on the road back to the apartment.

An exasperated loud sigh!




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Breaking the Law

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

Today’s prompt brings to mind our driver Bilal. We (my late husband R and I) had to stay in Rawalpindi for R’s chemotherapy. We had rented out a suite. We had a bedroom, sitting, and a dinning area, a bathroom, dressing room, and a small kitchen. I would cook R’s favorites, so that something could pass down his throat. Mostly they were soups. It was our home (for one and a half year) away from our home in Peshawar.

The chemo sessions took 15-21 days. We would go back home for two-three weeks, then come back for another round.

The minute we were on the highway, Bilal changed into another person. He would be speeding over the limit. We would be literally flying on the road. My chief worry was having an accident.

When he would go over the speed limit, and keep accelerating, I would tell him to slow down. Few minutes later he would be doing it all over again. I was fed up with telling him the same thing again. My sick husband had to suffer my cries, and Bilal’s disobedience. My heart used to be in my mouth watching Bilal chasing a car ahead of us, and banging into it.

Short of finding another driver, I didn’t know what to do? No other driver was willing to stay away from his family for two to three weeks at a time. Besides my husband thought him trustworthy enough as not to run away with our car, or do any abduction of us.

We put up with Bilal for quite some time, till we found another one to take his place. I am thankful to God for surviving Bilal’s antics.


One of my Bad Days

Easy Fix
by Ben Huberman
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A relative had brought a gift of a sack full of corn flour. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use all that amount of flour.

My (late) husband R, and I, both loved Jawar ki Roti (bread made from cornflour). I always cooked Saag Gosht (spinach with mutton meat) with it. It was food straight from Heaven, and simply delicious.

I divided the flour into four equal parts, one for us, one for my elder brother Lala, and the two for friends.

We already had our mid-day meals, so I phoned Lala I was coming to bring him fresh cornflour.

There is just one road to University Town, and it remains congested at best of times. It was my ill-luck in what happened to us. A truck driver was in a hurry. Ahead of him was a bus. The driver squeezed past between the space. He damaged the left front door of my car. My lovely car was ruined in a moment. I had never thought something like this would ever happen to me.

I couldn’t stop the silent tears, which ran down my face, as I looked at my car. Thank God, we weren’t injured, and in a few days my car was again as good as new, and all was right in my world.


Once is Enough

Daily Prompt: Groundhog Week
If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?


Past week was traumatic, because we met with an accident. We were going to fetch my grandson Sn from his Summer Class. My daughter in law was driving. Thanks to God, no one was seriously injured.

IB the youngest in the family, was sitting in his car seat ( on the right side), in the back of the vehicle. His side got hit by a speeding jeep. The seat belt slit his neck on the right side. The air bags saved him from shards of shattered glass of the windows.

My daughter in law was okay. We were thankful to be alive. With the impact of the jeep hitting us, I was thrown. Both my upper arms are bruised red and black. I had severe pain radiating on the left side of my neck. Thankfully no bones are broken.

Bad news headed my side (which only affected me), had me further depressed.

Who has the time to relive the past
When the present is speeding through
Will live in the moment now passing
High hopes still to continue

Once is Enough