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Hear No Evil

Sometimes it’s better if you hear something, and ignore it —– cause it brings on trouble which is difficult to avoid.

In my story I didn’t do any evil, but got branded with it.

Last year I didn’t have a cell phone. Whenever I talked of buying one, my son would talk me out of it. He would say that I didn’t need one. For the occasional calls back home I had calling cards, and the home telephone to use, otherwise I had no friends here where I needed to talk. 

Then I had e-mails from my tenants back home. They needed a copy of my identity card to show to the police checking homes to whom the property belonged. I was being cautious, and wanted to speak with them to find out more.

I picked up the telephone, and realized that my daughter-in-law N was talking with her friend. I should have put the phone down, and gone down the stairs to tell N, I needed to make calls. I hate climbing upstairs, and downstairs, because of my back problem, and my room is upstairs.

What I did was stupid, probably I was worried about my own troubles, but that’s no excuse.  I straightaway interrupted N, and told her when she is done, she should let me know so that I can make my calls. And then I put the phone down.

I broke all hell loose on myself that day. I created a mess for myself, and became a bad guy. How was I to know that N was incensed at me? She thought I was listening to her conversation. She should have realized that If I was listening to her I would have kept quiet. 

I came to know the whole fiasco when my son came home, and chided me, “Mom, why did you behave this way?”

Here I am the accused, and I have no inkling?

My heart stopped at the accusation. The next day I made my son take me to Best Buy. I got my phone, and I have not used the home number ever again.


Hear No Evil

Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.