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The Last Sunset

I took this photo of sunset last evening in a parking lot.


Today the sky is slate grey. It’s a gloomy day for sure. It seems to me more so with the sudden death of an an acquaintance’s father. I had met the old couple at their son’s home. They lived with their son. The burial is for tomorrow, and the family is waiting for the couple’s second son to reach Houston in time to see his father for the last time.

To me it’s a sad time to hear about someone dying. It brings home to me that our stay on earth is transient, and at the end everyone is going to leave the earthy abode for someplace else. One friend always used to grumble as to why Adam, and Eve ate from the forbidden tree? If they had not done so, the humans wouldn’t have to get banished to earth, and wouldn’t have suffered death. Her question would make us laugh.

I have noticed that the day death occurs in my family, or those I have known, the weather turns gloomy, and I feel cold.

Does this happens to you too?