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I Hang On

In Good Faith
Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time

I hang on to God. When I face disappointments in life, and I am feeling terrible; questions does arise in my heart.

Why isn’t He listening to me?

Why doesn’t He answers my prayers?

Why doesn’t He take away my suffering?

He answers it in 89th Chapter of the Quran Surah Al-Fajr, Ayats (verses) 15-16

15. As for man, when his Lord tests him, and thus gives him honor, and bounties, he says, “My Lord has honored me.”

16. But when He tests him, and thus restricting his provision for him, he says, “My Lord has disgraced me.”

I look at my Blessings: my children, a roof over my head, health, the food I get to eat, I feel ashamed of myself at feeling discontented.

If there weren’t inconveniences in life, it wouldn’t have been a life?

I count my Blessings, and feel better.

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