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A Storybook Day

There are so many fictional characters I would like to meet. I am truly still a kid at heart. One of them is Aladdin with his magic carpet. To be clear on this point is that I would love to have the magic carpet to myself minus Aladdin. But since I don’t know the intricacies of it, it would be better to take him along; otherwise I might find myself dumped into the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean (if I head in a different direction) by the mischievous carpet and reach a dreadful end. Horrible to contemplate!

What I will do is to first soar over Statue of Liberty in New York and touch it’s cheek, see the Pyramids in Eygpt, visit the Taj Mahal and so on. But there is one big, deadly problem I can visulize and that is with all the furor over terrorists I can get shot down and not live anymore. Terrible!

So what to do? Okay I better follow Jungle Boy into the jungle.

When I bought Jungle Boy for my Nintendo in the last decade I loved it. It took over other games like Mario, Aladdin, The Lion King, Batman, The Star Wars, Zombies and so many other games I had collected.

I followed Jungle Boy on his adventures and fought as a substitute in place of him. So I will be Jungle Boy for a day, swing in the trees, fly on the backs of birds, fight the dreadful snake, and blow him into smithereens.

Will I survive? No, I don’t think so. It will be a miracle if I do live.

A Storybook Day

You have to spend one day as or with your favorite fictional character. Which one would it be and what would you do?


The Lost World

Daily Prompt: Can’t Get Enough
Have you ever been addicted to anything, or worried that you were? Have you ever spent too much time and effort on something that was a distraction from your real goals?

I was addicted to Nintendo. I got it as a gift from my daughter. I can’t describe the wonder and elation I felt while playing it. Mario was my favorite character. I couldn’t get enough of it. Every minute stolen from attending to my husband and household chores was devoted to playing games. I would deprive myself of sleep to get to a new level of a game. I would tire myself endlessly in fighting dragons in Mario games, python in Jungle Boy, as Aladdin fighting in various levels and running from Zombies and Mummies in one game, it’s name I have forgotten.
Here is a glimpse of it.
Super Mario World 1990-91





My husband was of old school and thoughts. Being twelve years my senior he couldn’t fathom my childlike addiction to game playing. To him I was a CRACKPOT. He thought that I should sit sedately on a sofa, if I have nothing to do. I should CONTEMPLATE the universe or think deep thoughts or God knows any such thing. To sit idly is not my nature. I have to do something. It jarred on him me being different from him. I was as different from him as Chalk and Cheese. He must have been appalled at marrying me but in the end he did tell me, that he will be waiting for me at the Pearly Gates.

When my son bought me a DSI and Wii as gifts, I was in seventh heaven. The Wii took my game playing to another dimension. With a DSI I could enjoy my games while sitting in bed or traveling.

Strangely I have stopped playing games. During my husband’s year and a half fight with cancer I looked after him. I was alone. To get away mentally from the depressing atmosphere in the hospital, I did play with the sound off. Now I can’t touch my DSI as it brings on bad memories.

Maybe some day I may start playing again and enjoy doing so.

Here are links to new games on Wii U.
Super Mario 3D World Game Play Trailer

Donkey Kong Country

The Lost World


This is a confession of a person I know. She loves to play games on her iPad. Blitz seems to be her favorite nowadays. The other ones she likes, beside Blitz are, Angry Birds, Temple Run and Snoopy Coaster. She loves to do Jigsaw Puzzles. She has downloaded so many of them.

In the days gone by, she loved Nintendo. Her daughter brought it as a gift for her elder brother. The brother was incensed at her. At that time he was doing his job as an Electrical Engineer. “Are you out of your mind?” He asked Nola (his sister) sarcastically. Poor Nola was embarrassed, and thats’ when the person I know said she will try it. At the beginning, she was afraid of falling off in the virtual world and combatting dragons. Gradually she became a pro at it, when she did find time to play.

Eventually, she got all the games for her Nintendo. She loved being Mario, Jungle Boy, Aladdin, Batman and The Lion King. She dodged Zombies heroically, literally having her heart in her mouth, when she was playing it. DonkeyKong was one of her favorites too.

Her son bought for her a DSI. Now she could carry her games. She loved getting Wii as a present. It added a new dimension to her world. Her grand kids thought of her as a ‘cool’ grandma. They were delighted that she could play with them.

I am feeling terribly embarrassed, but the person I talked about, is Me.

My grandson playing


Being Mario