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Despite believing in One God, people in parts of the world indulge in superstitions. One which I have seen is when a bride goes to her husband’s home she is given a burning lantern to take with her. When we were bringing home with us my daughter in law, a maid accompanied her with the battery powered lantern (above in the picture). It is supposed to bring longevity to the marriage.

How can one even think such a thing is beyond me?

When my brothers in law got married their spouses brought with them a lantern too. In those days a battery powered one wasn’t available in the local market, so it used to be a kerosene one. When you entered the newly married couple’s room the stench of kerosene assaulted your nose. I still remember the smell.

Thank God I don’t have such beliefs, and neither does my family.

The Unexpected Calls

There are times when I don’t like it when someone calls. One is at prayer times. The phone starts ringing, and I pick up the phone expecting a short call. The call goes on, and on. The caller won’t end the call, and my prayer time is over. I’m the guilty party too. I forget I was going to say my prayers, and it’s easier to lay the blame on someone else. Sometimes I think it’s an act of Iblees (devil) to keep me away from saying my prayers on time, and stop my audience with Allah.

I do love chatting with family, and friends, but there are moments I don’t. Whole days are over, and no one calls, and then I get deluged with calls. My sister– she disappears for days on end. She never answers her phone, and then she is like calling day, and night.

Then there are calls from home country. My relatives never, ever remember that when it’s daytime there, it’s night here. The call comes at 2am, or 3am, and I can’t go back to sleep when sleep time has been disrupted. I get sleep deprived, and then have a hazy mind all day.

If only I could have short chats frequently, and for a few minutes— not for hours on end I will be one happy person.

The Return

On my last two forays to shops, I got terribly bored by Son dawdling over things, trying to make up his mind. This time I armed myself with a book — just in case I needed it to occupy myself, rather than staring aimlessly at pieces of merchandise. Bad idea!

Halfway home I realized with mounting dismay, that I had indeed left the book in the last store we visited. With great trepidation I announced it to Son, who wrathfully told me that I should never, ever take a book along on shopping. I told him to turn back, as I couldn’t face the embarrassment of telling a librarian that I had lost a book.

We entered the store from the exit side. The πŸ›’ wasn’t where I had last abandoned it. It had already being whisked in place. The first person we approached was a cleaner. He was intent on his work with a brush. Son asked him where should we go for the Lost&Found things? He looked uncomprehendingly at us???

I decided to elaborate,”I left a πŸ“– in one of the πŸ›’.

At that he said, “A book?”

“Yes”, I nodded my head.

We were lucky, as he was the one who had found the book. He led to us to a side office, and went inside to point us out to the woman inside. He held the book up. My face lighted at the sight of the missing book.

As a thank you I slipped a note to him, which he refused at first, but accepted it at my insistence. He had saved me from acute embarrassment, and a fine. He was my Saving Angel sent by Allah to help me.

The Prophets

Prophets are men of God chosen by Him only. I’m not talking about those self proclaimed ones who do nothing but lead astray humanity with false utterances. The chosen ones by God are above us mere mortals.

You can’t say this man is a prophet if he is a sinner who indulges in shameful acts. A prophet is held accountable for anything he does which may not be a sin even. For example Yunus (Jonah) left his people in despair when they wouldn’t listen to him. He boarded a boat where as a punishment for leaving his people without waiting for God’s directive to leave, he was swallowed by a whale.

He repeatedly asked for God’s forgiveness, whereas he got ejected by the whale.

I read someplace where a blogger called Lut a sinner. He didn’t choose the place where he was told to preach. God directed him there. A true prophet follows God’s clear instructions only. He doesn’t go by his own whims and feelings.

There are shameful acts attributed to him which are not true, and doesn’t exist in Islamic scriptures, only made up in other books penned by men themselves.

Glorified be thy Lord, the Lord of Majesty, from that which they attribute (unto Him)

And peace be unto those sent (to warn)

And praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds!

God doesn’t send peace on a wrongdoer. From Ayat 181, you can discern a prophet’s status.

Shadiyaan or Marriages

Sometimes my nephew’s wife Hajra, my sister, friends, and my son send me funny, or interesting videos, and clips they come across. Occasionally I may take a look, but most of the time I keep on deleting without seeing. I get tired as there are a great number of them, it is almost impossible for me. They clog my iPhone.

The election in Pakistan has brought out a spate of videos. There are many about Shabaz Sharif who is, and has been the chief minister of Punjab, and is the younger brother of Nawaz Sharif ex Prime Minister of the country. I laughed at the comments. One chap wrote: Shabaz Sharif should be renamed Shadi Sharif. He got married a couple of times, and shadi in Urdu means marriage.

Another one wrote: One can’t get married for the first time, and our politicians get to marry ten times. Seems his heart is burnt out with jealousy, since a marriage is a costly affair back home.

Another one: Keep on plundering the country, and spend the plunder on marriages.

Then there are videos of Nawaz Sharif, Zardari’s many extra marital affairs, and Imran Khan’s three marriages. At least Imran Khan doesn’t indulge in affairs outside marriage. He is a reformed person now. There has been a lot of out cry against his prostrating at the tomb of Baba Farid, and people saying he committed shirk. Shirk means a sin for which there is no forgiveness from God. Prostrating before anyone beside God is considered a major sin in Islam.

I can only say “Allah have mercy on us”.


As Muslims, we are getting much nearer to the end of our thirty days fasting period — the month which is known as Ramadan. When God decreed it centuries ago for believers, many didn’t know how beneficial it was to health, but now fasting has been proven through scientific knowledge, of utmost value to our health.

One thing I can vouch for is shinning white teeth. Normally I brush my teeth thrice a day minimally, but in Ramadan probably I do more. Once I’m in the bathroom, I reach for the toothpaste almost reflexively— forgetting I’ve not eaten anything since Sehr timings. The result is that teeth shine like pearls — Masha’Allah!

When my late husband was alive, and I lived in Pakistan, every Ramadan started with Dora Quran. It was held at a friend’s house where like minded ladies gathered every Thursday to read, and gain more insight into Quran, and Islam. With the beginning of Ramadan the meeting was held every day, and we women had Dora Quran which meant a quick reading of one Sipara (one part of the Quran– there are thirty parts) each day. It used to be quite comprehensive, as it entailed various aspects of our religion.

Then dear husband died, and I got permanently shifted to the US. It has been five years now, and I missed the valuable lessons about being a better human than I initially was, and doing charity work which I learnt through our weekly meetings.

This year I got lucky that my daughter visited me just before the beginning of Ramadan. Daughter was getting audio recordings daily from her neighbor in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her neighbor held Dora Quran. My daughter asked that I should be included in getting the audio recordings daily. Jazak’Allah Khair to the lady for including me. It’s really inspiring.

It’s told that Angels are present when the Quran is read in the mornings. Normally I read two pages every morning after Fajr Prayers, and again when I’m having breakfast I read, and listen to it on my iPad.

It was a revelation to read Chapter 19, Surah Shuarah, Ayat 196 that Quran is the same book which earlier generations received from Torah to the Bible. Basically the teachings are the same except for the parts where they slung mud at the prophets, and distorted the fact that God is One only, and no other exists beside Him. Those books got muddled, and distorted through the hands of misguided zealots.

Religious fanatics against Islam are trying their best to do the same thing to Quran, but it’s almost impossible, as there are many Muslims who memorize each and every word. Even if distortions occur no one can put false interpretations in each, and every copy. A true version will be always be there till the end of time.


Mentors I had none except for magazines

I had to rely on the old me

Throughout childhood, and my teens

Now I have my iPad which does the trick

And show me what’s to be seen

I trust none except for my God

Who is truly unseen



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