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The Loss

Let It Be
by Ben Huberman
A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?


I had gone with my (late) husband to my father’s ancestral home (which is in a different village from my husband’s), for a family occasion. The old home looked bare, and desolate.

There was something missing. It hit me with a suddenness, and for a few minutes I couldn’t breathe properly.

The trees —— they were no longer there. All the old world charm had gone. Trees planted by grandmother, which had weathered decades of rain, and storms were no longer there.

I wish someone in the family hadn’t let it happen, and had stopped uncle’s wife from cutting down the old ones. Those trees were memories of my childhood, when grandmother, and my parents were alive.

How come no one stopped her?

I will forever mourn them.



My place beneath the Sun


Have you ever come across this feeling? You are surrounded by people and you feel alone, helpless and frightened. Whatever they are saying is just a babble in your ears. You are hating every thing around you. Want to curl up someplace and leave the unbelievable sadness behind you. You can’t escape from the surroundings around you. The feeling is ghastly and terrible. Even the breath you are taking seems a great effort and while you are taking it you choke. Believe me it is a nightmare.

This was 3rd Aug 2012, the second day of my husband’s death. Day before my children and I had brought his dead body to his ancestral village. His wish was to be buried beside his mother’s feet. We buried him in the evening. I felt utterly alone. The husband who was my Rock wasn’t there anymore. Fate had removed him from my clutching hands. My hands were empty. I had nothing to hold onto. How did I know that he will suddenly give up on life. I thought I will still have, some time with him. Time which was never meant to be.