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In Angry Mode

How do I get pass my anger?

I try to distance myself from the source of anger.

Take deep calming breaths.

Take a glass of cold water to drink.

Get busy with work, so as to forget my source of irritation.

The first few hours are difficult then it gets easy to forgive and forget.

And the perks of getting older is: one doesn’t get riled easily.



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My Mentor


My mentor has always been God, and the book He gave us —- Quran. I am lucky I found Him at an early age. In moments of stress, ill-health, calamity, I find solace by turning to God.

I strive to better myself at my failings, and one of those were I couldn’t forgive my two paternal uncles, and my aunt (who was my mother’s younger sister). They ill treated my younger brothers. I just didn’t have it in my heart to forgive them till a few days back.

The last time I visited my parent’s grave yard was when my husband R was alive in 2011. We were on our way to R’s ancestral village. R stopped the car on the roadside. I got down to visit my parents, and younger brother in their last abodes. 

I stayed away from both of my uncles’ graves. My aunt died in 2013. She is now buried in the same place. After her death her son sent the body back from New York. 

God forgives us our blunders, and our sins, so I realized I should let go of my ill feelings, and resentment for my these relatives. I feel relieved that I finally let go my feelings of anger.


Mentor Me

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

Holding Back Anger


I wouldn’t be human if I say I never felt anger at someone —- that will be a lie. At many instances I have been angry, but I have tried to contain myself. 

Why? Because if I let go, I may say things which are better left unsaid. Why say words for which I am sorry later on. I won’t write about the tiffs outside my home, but in all instances I managed to keep quiet. To tell the truth I would be simmering inside, ready to burst.

My (late) husband R, and I did have different opinions. Sometimes he would say something to make me boil with indignation. But husband, and wife relations are such that your anger goes away quickly too. You can’t hold onto anger in married life, otherwise there are repercussions.

Mad at R, I would go out of the room after telling him I was not going to speak to him again. An hour, or so later I would come back (totally forgetting) I was supposed to be annoyed with him. He wouldn’t say a word till I would snatch the newspaper from his face.

“You told me you are not going to speak with me?”

I would then remember how angry I was.


Mad as a Hatter

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Joy and Anger

Daily prompt: Unsafe Containers
Which emotion(s) — joy, envy, rage, pity, or something else — do you find to be the hardest to contain?


When I am happy over something, I always thank God for the ray of Sunshine he bestowed upon me. Sometimes there are tears, and I feel humbled and privileged too.

Anger is harder to contain. I restrain myself from saying any harsh words. You can never take back the words again. I try to control myself when I am annoyed with someone. I retreat to the safety of my room. I start reading a book, and get totally immersed in it. When I am outside my home, I get up and distance myself from an angry person.

For my peace of mind, I forgive and forget.

Joy and Anger

Never Again

Never again I will be naive
Trusting someone with my heart
My secrets, my fantasies
My likes, dislikes

When I am let down
I feel the kick
Left to me are
The wounds to lick

I feel anger
Like goes away
Never to return
Trust gets lost
And tears remain

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