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Last year at the end of May was my grandson IB’s tenth birthday. 2016 was a bad year for him as his mother broke up with his father, and left him anguished and sad. He would sit for hours in a corner, hidden behind a sofa. He wouldn’t eat properly. 

The food on his plate remains uneaten, and multiplies by magic, as he absent mindedly pecks at it. As a child he called Walmart Lamart. He would tell his father to buy it. We would laugh at his request, cause he couldn’t realize his father didn’t have that kind of money. He was ever ready to go with his father to buy something from there. Now when his father asks him to go along with him when he comes to spend a day, or two, he refuses.

I am frightened at the changes in him, but can’t do anything about it as we don’t live in the same house. 



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