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There was a time, whenever anyone (who maybe didn’t like me, and would create doubts in my mind about myself), would say something about me, I would naively believe. I would think he , or she must be right.

I was terribly insecure about my appearance as a teenager despite having a cream and rose complexion. Hearing just  a few words would plunge me  into the depths of depression. It must have been of  having no mother to talk to, or having no person close enough who could booster my self confidence. 

I don’t exactly remember when I started disbelieving mean people around me. I stopped having doubts about myself. A few years back, one lady in particular upon seeing me would say, “What’s happened to you? You look ill, and gray!” With a couple of words she would make me feel sick.

The smile on my face would freeze, and I would think something must be wrong with me. That used to be her opening gambit. Then I got her game, and turned the tables on her. “Really!”, I would say, “But what has happened to you? You don’t look yourself!” She would lapse into silence.

Now she never says those words to me which plunged me downwards.



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