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One of the synonym of Incubate is encourage, and that’s what I’m doing with the seedling of an apple. I move it daily from the kitchen (where it usually is to keep it warm) to put it in front of the sliding doors to the balcony in my bedroom. The sun rays sneak in to keep a watchful eye over it. When they depart elsewhere to have more fun, I bring the pots back to the kitchen. Two more seeds have decided to show their tiny heads above the soil, but you can’t see them as they are tiny white specks in the soil.

Son is certain that my little friend is a weed. He keeps asking, “Are you sure that it isn’t a weed?” I’m irritated over his oft repeated question, and as to why he won’t believe me.

He has his logic behind this question. Back in Houston, my flowers died in the rectangular pot I kept in the balcony outside. I kept watering it in the singular hope of reviving them. Weeks later, much to my delight, a plant showed up. I watched it grow thinking it a flower plant, and getting excited over my endeavors. IB (grandson) the little Einstein wandered outside one day, and asked me, “Why are you trying to grow a weed?”


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