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The Neglected Ones

Please do tell me. Which part of your body is neglected 😩 more by you? Mine were for a long time —- my feet. During summer I can’t bear to wear socks. My poor feet suffer till cold months start again, and therefore perforce I have to wear socks. So hurray to change of seasons.

I think 🤔 I have poured more attention to my feet after my husband’s death. Before that I remained busy all the time, always on the run trying to get my tasks done. Dear, darling husband would periodically point out the disparity between our feet. Actually he tended to his feet daily, whereas I never even deigned to look 👀 in the downward direction where my feet were. I wish I had— just to give him some sort of competition.

He had the most beautiful feet one could have. I’m flat footed, whereas he had the perfect arch to his feet. I couldn’t do much to change my flat footedness. It was too late for that. Actually it’s the parents’s doing once they find out that their child is flat footed. They should see to it that their child wears those shoes which support the arch of the foot. Mine were in the dark ages where they didn’t know.

Feet need as much care as rest of the body. We should pamper our feet, as they are the ones which carry us around. One doesn’t need some expensive cream to massage our feet. Every household has petroleum jelly. It’s effective in treating nails discoloration. After using it, wear socks.

Living With A Lizard

I dislike lizards bordering on vengeance. They are so creepy, and hideous. If they didn’t try to get inside the house, I wouldn’t have disliked them that much. Somehow they find their way in.

When my husband R was alive, at least I could count on him to get rid of them. Now that I live alone, I get heart attacks every time I see one, especially when I am chasing it with a broom, and it gets entangled with my foot. I make  so much noise like someone is about to murder me. I won’t like my neighbors to hear me shrieking, but that’s what I do.

Why can’t they stay outside? With colder months coming they hide near doorways, and get inside the minute you open the door. Once they hide inside they are difficult to find except when you see them on the roof. It’s a heart stopping moment.