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A Day at Galveston


Till the last day I didn’t know whether I will be traveling by bus to Houston, or Nola (daughter) was going to take me back. The children were having a spring break. Since the nearest beach was at Galveston, so it was decided we would spend a day there.

A storm was predicted over there in the early hours, so we departed for the beach after two o’clock. The younger ones were soon knee deep in the ocean, while the older ones TJ, and IB went further into the waves. They would jump the incoming waves. At times they went further, and Nola, and I had to shout that they can’t do that. A little while later they would again do the same thing. We had to constantly keep an eye in their direction.

TJ is the taller one.

Earlier we had bought pizzas to eat on the beach. The wind blowed sand into it. We were hungry enough to swallow sand with every bite. Couldn’t do anything about that.

I gathered sea shells in a paper plate soon after eating our food. The children wanted to stay till sunset. Nola put her foot down despite the children’s clamor to stay. We gathered our things, and trudged towards the car. Turn, by turn the children changed their wet apparels for dry ones inside the car, while we waited outside. In the process of changing they managed to get the back seats full of sand.

Nola had to clean the inside, and outside of the vehicle once we got back to Houston. I kept her company with brushing leaves off our driveway, (putting them in bags) which the two trees in our front yard sheds all the time profusely. I’m still in Dallas, and the leaves are having a merry time in my absence by littering every nook, and corner of my front yard.


Mythical shadows on the beach

There is no one there as far I can see

But the frightening shadows loom over me

Scaring me as I sit on the beach 

(Sheen-November 2016)




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Combing the beach for sea shells

Looking for something whole

Not broken, or scrunched into pieces

They are not the ones I am sold

The sea shells gathered lie in a glass plate now

Remind full of memories on hold




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Till the End of Time

Be the Change
What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?


My footprints upon the sand
Someone else will come
And walk upon them

My writings are: a source of release for me
Banishing my loneliness, keeping me occupied
Who am I?
A life upon earth
Maybe someday —- someone will glean something
Or learn something

And that’s
Under the garb, we are all the same

We are walking through our everyday lives
It doesn’t matter, who we are
We reach each other
Through the threads of time
Sharing our thoughts —- our lives
We haven’t seen each other
Never heard the other voices
And yet we are friends

We hear each other, through our blogs
We share our hopes
Our sorrows, our dreams
And who we are

We are particles of sand, on the beach
That’s who we are
We will remain there
Till the end of time

Be the Change

If We Go Back

Daily Prompt:If I could Turn Back Time
If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of your life would you return to? Why?

Galveston Beach, 29th March, 2014

If We Go Back