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It’s a blessing to have an aesthetic sense. It defines who you are. It gives you the perception to appreciate, and arrange beautifully whatever you have. It may be a few sticks, but the way you put them together speak volumes of the great sense you have. It’s always a pleasure to know such people, and learn from them. 

In the real sense of the word I have come across few people who have it. The ones who are lucky in this respect have great taste in everything — their clothes, homes. 

At the moment I have to leave for the village in an hour, and have to say my Fajr prayers, take a shower, have breakfast, and leave. Life is hectic at the moment, and I have few days to settle my affairs here before I leave.

I am sorry I haven’t been able to visit those blogs who I love to read, and appreciate. I hope once I return I am able to return to daily blogging. I made a disjointed effort to write my blog today– sorry about it.



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I am trying to think of someone about whom I am able to write — she is graceful. No one comes to mind, except for the portrait of a woman which hung in my room during my growing up years.

I had asked father, and got a mumbled reply in response.

The lady had timeless grace. Her flawless complexion, sleek hair in a chignon, the graceful arc of her neck, her white sari, gave her a beauty beyond words. I wish I had prodded father more about her, but as an eight year old,  I wasn’t an inquisitive person. 

The picture bugged my step mother to no end. She believed it was my mother. I didn’t correct her assumption, and strangely my father kept quiet about it too. In realty my mother’s picture hung in our ancestral village in Charsadda. Step mom never went there, so she didn’t come to know who was who.




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Moved to Tears


Scenes of beauty moves me to tears

Acts of kindness does the same to me

And the lump in my throat doesn’t dislodge 

When unexpected praise befalls me


Moved to Tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

Are They The Same?

Daily Prompt: Absolute Beauty
We’ve heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?

Adil’s friend Noor had invited him for dinner at his house. Adil’s wife had died suddenly about a year back. Noor and his family were very much interested in him, as a prospective husband for his un married sister. The family wanted to have a close look at Adil.

After dinner, over cups of green tea, the talk turned to Adil’s two children. He thought that his children were the loveliest in the world. He voiced it, as he extracted a photo from his wallet to show them.

The family didn’t see any extra ordinary beauty in the children, as they all turn by turn stared at the photo. The four year girl had a prominent nose, and the two year old boy had a rather large head.

Noor decided to visit Adil. He had not seen him for quite some time, and wanted to check on his friend. In front of Adil’s house two children were playing. Noor called out to them with a friendly hello.

The children turned at the sound of his voice. He was struck with astonishment at the beauty of both children. He suddenly realized, that they were the same children he had seen earlier in the black and white photo of Adil.