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The land


Betrayal is the worst sort of offense when committed against friend, or family. It strikes one suddenly, and unknowingly, and one never expects it to happen. It recently happened to me when stbil (step brother in law) laid claim to my home, and land in the village. He took over the property, and money left by my late husband’s younger brother who died in last November. Not satisfied by that he turned in my direction. I looked an easy prey to him.

I have aged considerably in the aftermath, and now wear perpetually a haunted look. I don’t want stbil to take over my home in my absence from home country. I’m trying to sell, but whoever comes forward offers very low, which is unacceptable.

Fearing he might enter my home forcibly, I removed my most cherished possessions to my city home. I had to enlarge, and enclose my upstairs verandah to accommodate my belongings. I gave away most things with my own hands, because I didn’t want stbil, or his wife to use them.

There is irrefutable evidence in the form of property papers, and land record as to whom it rightly belongs, but stbil adamantly refuses to acknowledge. I have heard he has now drawn bogus papers to prove validity to his claim.

I have left it to God. I hope stbil is punished in this life, and the afterlife too.

The outside


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