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Everyone has an important month in their life. Mine is October. My wedding happened in it. Nobody planned it that way. My late husband was in a different part of our country. He could only get fifteen days leave, and so whatever date he said he was available for the marriage ceremony, it became the due date.

Another coincidence. My daughter had her Nikah ceremony in the last week of October. We wanted laughter, and gaiety in our midst, and so we made it happen, although her actual wedding date was four years later on. Both she, and her would be husband were students.

My late husband’s date of birth was twenty sixth of October. He graduated from PMA as an army officer on eighteenth of the month. Every year we celebrated the event by getting together for a sumptuous dinner with fellow graduates, and their families. The tradition stopped with his death, as I couldn’t bear to go alone.

One of the saddest thing in my life happened this month too. I lost my mother as a five years old child. She died of a stroke on fifteenth of October. She was twenty eight. There is nothing sadder than children losing their mother when they are too young, and can’t take care of themselves on their own. The world is a cruel place,

Guess what? The planet 🌏 earth became my abode when I was born in the last week of this same month. I can say October belongs to me.



In my two pregnancies I experienced Preeclampsia. My feet, and hands would get swollen. After the birth of children they would become normal. Then at age twenty eight my feet started geting swollen for no reason at all. My left foot was more prone to swelling. In the beginning I went through a round of doctors trying to get rid of the affliction. Then one said to me that there was no cure, and  it was part of my life.

To help my condition I have to lie on bed, elevate my feet on two pillows. I keep them that way when I get a chance to lie down. Another way is while sitting, I keep my feet raised onto a futon, or a chair. I dislike long journeys, because of the severe discomfort I face due to my feet. 

Yesterday I was frying when drops of hot oil dropped on my left foot. I immediately rubbed ice on it but it’s painful. Now it’s swollen plus burnt. It’s my own fault. I wish I remember to be careful, and not get things done in a hurry.



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