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Last year I wanted a new iPhone. I wanted a silver color (like my old one) which wasn’t available. I waited a month, and a half for it to come. I cancelled, as they were charging for insurance too. This year almost the same thing happened. The only color available was black. I okayed it, cause  I didn’t want a repeat of last year. The shop attendant showed me a water proof cover for it. I bought it.

After getting back home, I discovered that the voice wasn’t clear. Besides that I wasn’t getting messages, or phone calls on the new purchase. My euphorbia over a new phone evaporated into thin air. I waited a day , or so for Son to be free so he could go with me. 

We explained the problems with the new iPhone. The attendant wasn’t helpful, and I felt more disappointed. He told me to find out after five days if he had more iPhones available. One option was to return it.

Coming out to the parking area I got an idea. I removed the cover, and told Son to get out of the car, and move away some distance, and then phone me. He did, and I found out nothing was wrong with the phone. We went back, and I chose another cover, returning the first one. 

I’m glad I did the experiment, saved myself another trip, and solved the problem on my own.

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Living With A Lizard

I dislike lizards bordering on vengeance. They are so creepy, and hideous. If they didn’t try to get inside the house, I wouldn’t have disliked them that much. Somehow they find their way in.

When my husband R was alive, at least I could count on him to get rid of them. Now that I live alone, I get heart attacks every time I see one, especially when I am chasing it with a broom, and it gets entangled with my foot. I make  so much noise like someone is about to murder me. I won’t like my neighbors to hear me shrieking, but that’s what I do.

Why can’t they stay outside? With colder months coming they hide near doorways, and get inside the minute you open the door. Once they hide inside they are difficult to find except when you see them on the roof. It’s a heart stopping moment.