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Chased by a Pet Deer

It looked a calamity when it was happening, but in retrospect if someone had made a video of us, it would have looked funny being chased by a deer. No one was there to record it though.

One moment my daughter Nola and I were standing near an apple tree taking down apples, and the next moment both of us ran. We dashed to the kitchen door. We were just in time to escape the horns of our pet deer. The odious creature kept patrolling the door so that we wouldn’t go outside again.

 My (late) husband R had brought home a baby deer to be kept as a pet. My children and I were happy to acquire him. We took turns in feeding and looking after him. Days followed days as we watched him grow.

The children’s winter holidays drew nearer, and R told us to come and spend them with him. He had been away from us for quite some time. We only saw him once or twice a month when he was granted leave. We had to leave our beloved pet at home. The time with R passed quickly like a dream, and we were back home again.

Meanwhile our pet had drawn closer to our help, and had forgotten us. One bad habit taught to the deer was butting his head. I told the man he shouldn’t do it, but on the quiet he continued with the vile habit.

As the deer grew, his horns had come out. When he would see us, he would lower his head to charge us. I waited for R to come, and decide what to do with him. Meanwhile once the deer was out in the grounds we couldn’t come out. It had become dangerous.

The day Nola and I were gathering apples to store them, we didn’t know that the deer was out and about. In the end we gave him away to a zoo.
DAILY PROMPT:  Retrospectively Funny

Tell us about a situation that was not funny at all while it was happening, but that you now laugh about whenever you remember it.


My Soul To Keep

It was like the devil had taken my soul to keep. I let the bomb rip through her pretty head. I forgot my vow of secrecy to my husband. I forgot what I was taught, while growing up. Never hurt anyone with words or deeds.

Her face fell. She was shaken beyond words. The guests’ eyes were on me, shocked at my brutal words to her. No one could have imagined the gentle me, capable of such a callous behavior.

Did remorse touch me at the sight of her face? No. I was beyond caring. I was done with her.

With an assumed nonchalant air, I came out of the room, and went to call my husband, so that we could leave.

I had heard her talking to my husband, belittling me behind my back. My husband was laughing and saying, “Is that so?”

I was furious. I thought she was my best friend. With shattered belief I recognized her for what she was. She was a snake behind her wily charms.

That’s why I let on what my husband had told me not to divulge.

Her husband was having an affair with his secretary.

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