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Now that I’m immobile, I miss the luxury of movement. Even the simple act of cleaning my surroundings is beyond me. As long I keep my foot elevated, it remains okay, but a simple task as going to the bathroom makes it balloon beyond its’ actual size.

There must be something seriously wrong. If the X-ray didn’t show anything broken, why isn’t my foot getting better? The other foot is getting pain ridden too with the extra effort it’s exerting.

One never knows the importance of good health unless something is taken away.

Once is Enough

Daily Prompt: Groundhog Week
If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?


Past week was traumatic, because we met with an accident. We were going to fetch my grandson Sn from his Summer Class. My daughter in law was driving. Thanks to God, no one was seriously injured.

IB the youngest in the family, was sitting in his car seat ( on the right side), in the back of the vehicle. His side got hit by a speeding jeep. The seat belt slit his neck on the right side. The air bags saved him from shards of shattered glass of the windows.

My daughter in law was okay. We were thankful to be alive. With the impact of the jeep hitting us, I was thrown. Both my upper arms are bruised red and black. I had severe pain radiating on the left side of my neck. Thankfully no bones are broken.

Bad news headed my side (which only affected me), had me further depressed.

Who has the time to relive the past
When the present is speeding through
Will live in the moment now passing
High hopes still to continue

Once is Enough