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Before leaving my sis’s home, I meant to take a picture of the small cheese cakes she had bought for me. It was hectic packing my carry on. My sister helped me to zip it. When I was having my breakfast, I had looked at the daily prompt. I thought I would take out the cakes from the freezer, and take a picture. In washing up the cup and plate I used, I totally forgot.

There were three varieties in the package. One was plain vanilla. The second one was fudge vanilla. The third one had probably raspberries  added to it. The second one was the best in taste. 

At the moment I have boarded the ferry to head back to Bridgeport from Port Jefferson. 

I have taken this picture from the lounge. It is rather fuzzy, because the windows are grainy. 

Picture of the miniature cakes. I asked my sister to send me the photo.




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