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First I lost my umbrella ☂. I noticed its absence after quite sometime had passed. I assumed incorrectly that it must be lying in a forgotten corner. After it didn’t materialize on its own, it dawned on me (days too late) it had departed to the land where forgotten things go.

Next came my favorite pair of gloves. One minute, I had both of them, and in the next instance I noticed my right hand was bare. Where I had managed to lose it? I had no idea.

Yesterday I was going to lose all my cards. If Son had not accompanied me, I would have exactly done it just like that. When I got down at an Art Store, Son told me he was going to take a nap while I browsed inside. I insisted that he came with me. After I paid for the two round brushes I had bought, I totally forgot my wallet on the counter. Thankfully Son reminded me, and averted a major crisis in my life.


At present, as soon as I clear the remnants of our morning breakfast from the dinning table, I gather the paints, and brushes trying to draw bushes as they look in reality. My attempts looks like dabs of paint splattered on the canvas for no reason at all, and too unlike the real ones. Sometimes they do give an illusion, but at other times it’s a disappointment.

My eagerness evaporates in no time, and I give up to attend to washing dishes which lie in the sink waiting for my attention. Being a homemaker is a thankless job, in which you keep on doing repetitive work, and no one gives you any credit for it.

The next day I again return to my paints, and brushes. I soldier on ….. maybe someday I get better at it. A glimmer of hope leads me on.


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