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Kick It

Never had a bucket list

And won’t have it now at all

Life speeds and goes its way

Can’t stop happenings after all

Failures dog my footsteps

And the rate of success too low

Why give myself a heartache

And make a list to show



Kick It

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?


No Daily Prompt


The daily prompt has gone missing for good. After a daily diet of prompts, there is nothing to look forward anymore. 😣

I looked up the e-book of prompts for inspiration.
The prompt was, “what’s the 11th item on your bucket list?”

There isn’t one on my bucket list. Back home, I hanged a white board in my dressing room, near a long mirror. I wrote necessary chores I had to do. During this period my daughter came for a visit. At the time her youngest one was M3.

M3 after espying the board made a face on it, and added, “love you Nano”.

I never did the chores I had written as a reminder to myself. I didn’t look at it anymore, so I missed M3’s message. A year later on I glanced at it. Actually I avoided looking at it, because I never had time on my side, to do what I intended in the first place.

I rubbed off the list leaving M3’s message. I never write lists anymore.