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Old Memories

Buffalo Nickel
by Michelle W.
Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

I looked through one purse. Shook out all the pockets — no coins. Took out another one. This one I use for traveling, since it’s big, and roomy, and has lots of pockets. No luck! I am not getting hold of any elusive coin. The coins have gone into hiding.

I had to answer the prompt, so I didn’t give up. Had to keep looking.

The third purse I took out is black in color. I found a coin. It’s a quarter of a dollar. Here it is, and the year is 1993.


In January 1993, I was here in the US. I visited my sister. She was in between houses. She had sold her previous one (was small), and the new one my brother-in-law had purchased was getting ready for them to move into. For a short duration, my sister, and her family were staying in a rented home.

I remember her sons were toddlers. She kept the house very warm. All I had were warm clothes for winter, so my skin was really sizzling in heat. On the quiet I would open windows to cool down her home. The other alternative was turning the thermostat down as soon as her back was turned.

Whereas my sister kept her home very warm, a cousin who at the time was living in Staten Island kept her home as cool as a morgue. My luck that I had to deal with two extremes.

At the end of February I returned home. It was the first time my husband, and I had remained away from each other. My husband, and son had kept each other company in my absence.

All the happy feelings of finally reaching home evaporated at the sight of dirty rooms. They hadn’t bothered at all with keeping things clean, and tidy. I was so annoyed with both of them.

Another remembrance is my younger uncle’s son getting married. It was in Islamabad since they lived there, but they held the Walima (reception after marriage) in the village.

In the summer my husband, and I went to Abbotabad. We visited our old friends in the area. We stayed in a Mess for the duration of our stay.

Rest of the year I don’t remember much, except it was happy, and peaceful.