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The Insanity

I feel depressed. Why?

By reading the Muslims hate rants by those people who drum up hates.

Why do they do that?

Because they are irrational in their thinking that a Muslim takeover is at hand, and that too in the US, where they will be forced to wear burqahs, and follow the Sharia.

Attention all those who fear it: the US Constitution doesn’t allow Sharia to take over. Please read your Constitution to allay your fears. Besides the Sharia is not in place in Muslim countries so why it would happen in the US.

Another fear is that women will be forced to wear burqahs. I as a Muslim don’t wear a burqah, so how a non Muslim woman will be forced to wear it.

Another thing I want to make it clear is Allah is just another name for God. It’s not a monster Muslims worship but the Divine Being who created the Heavens, and earth, and all the things in between.

Facts you should know:
ISIS is a terrorist organization that professes to be Islamic but does nothing Islamic. It beheads people who have committed no crime, it rapes women, crimes that Allah have forbidden.

It uses US made ammunition, US supplied Howitzers and US supplied Humvees.

As early as last year, John McCain was meeting the head of ISIS, Al-Baghdadi in Syria. Why was McCain meeting Al-Baghdadi? So as to start a rebellion against Bashar-al-Assad, the dictator of Syria.

The rebels are killing innocent civilians. They are supported by US. Who is the culprit?
US government or Islam?

Obama knows about these transactions with ISIS, and that’s why stays silent to call these actions Islamic. If he did, he would be a liar, and a hypocrite.

I am sorry to say that the Muslim haters are ignorant about Islam. They base their ideas about Islam upon the actions of US supported mercenaries.

How about you meet a Muslim in real life, or visit a mosque, or read the Quran to find out what Islam really is?


A Life So Changed

Daily Prompt: Modern Families
If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

I think we will be more shocked than grandfather Danish (pronounce a with ah, the name means learned), if he comes back from the dead. If he is in a skeletal form, which is very likely, we all will be scared to see a walking, talking skeleton among us.

Definitely, he will be confused to see us. We will be frantically dialing 911, while he would be going out of his mind at the absence of grandma and his children. All of them are in the land of dead.

D died when my father was barely ten years old. Grandma travelled on horseback, from a village in Charsadda to distant Loralai in Balochistan to see his final resting place.

D wanted to see who he was marrying. (Remember arranged marriages and strict purdah). His own mother was not alive and his sisters were arranging the marriage. He insisted on seeing the girl, before saying yes. They devised a method. D wore a burqah (please see a dictionary for all the terms used here, and sorry for the inconvenience), and went along his sisters to the girl’s house. You have to imagine a six foot two man in a burqah. It’s a wonder no one caught him, otherwise he would have got himself beaten, or shot at, by the girl’s father and brothers. He got a glimpse from the doorway and ran.

At the sight of my short hair, he will get another heart attack. (He died of a heart attack). In D’s times women had long hair in braids in my home country. He will consider it a sacrilege.

He may get used to the modern comforts we have, and decide not to go back to his dark grave.

I am sure the food we eat will push him to the grave again. Food is being genetically modified. It is laced with pesticides and toxins. (Visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey and http://www.foodgenetics.com)

People are now suffering from so many forms of cancer, and other diseases all because of the food we eat.

The music of Titanic reminds me of a bygone era.

A Life So Changed