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Striving to remain calm, I stared at the mess I had made. My new shalwar was burnt. I had not checked the dial of the iron properly. Morning I had to take Nola (my daughter) to the market for last minute shopping for clothes to wear at her sis-in-law’s wedding. 

After that we dashed to the tailor’s shop to give him the clothes for stitching. We were lucky he had not left for Juma (Friday) prayers. Then we were back to to the market to give the dopattas for hemming. Meanwhile we went to shop for artificial jewelry for the girls. When we came back to get the dopattas, the shop was closed for the prayers. We had a long wait ahead of us. 

After coming back home in the evening I almost decided not to attend the evening function of mehndi. I was so tired, and wanted to lie down. On Nola’s insistence on my attending the function, I gathered my clothes to get them ironed. Then the inevitable happened, feeling sleepy, I made a charred mess of my clothes. I couldn’t get back to the moment before. Nobody can!



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In Angry Mode

How do I get pass my anger?

I try to distance myself from the source of anger.

Take deep calming breaths.

Take a glass of cold water to drink.

Get busy with work, so as to forget my source of irritation.

The first few hours are difficult then it gets easy to forgive and forget.

And the perks of getting older is: one doesn’t get riled easily.



Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.