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A Light Needed

This is Masha’Allah our third year in our present home. The first time I glimpsed the house on the pages sent by the realtor, I fell in love with it. I was a bit apprehensive before seeing the house that it may not look as good as in the pictures. It had happened to me in reality.

This was back in 2013. I was looking for a small apartment to live on my own, away from Son and his wife (his ex now). The realtor showed me one. It looked gorgeous in pictures. It turned out to be completely different, and extremely dirty. It required a fortune to renovate, which was beyond my means.

Coming to the story of our present home, it wasn’t a total disappointment. The outside was as it looked in pictures. There were certain drawbacks, but nothing which couldn’t be fixed. One such minor thing was the patio light in the backyard.

I asked Son, time and again —— please change the light.

You can think that in two years time that an itsy bitsy problem must have ceased to exist. An empathetic NO. It’s still there. Alas! Son, and I don’t look at things the same way. What I need is a simple light which can light up the backyard with a touch of a button. Son bought a sensor light which didn’t light up when needed. For a few seconds it came on, and then you kept waving at it, danced before it, did acrobats, it refused to come on.

My bedroom windows faces the backyard. At night I could see the light was on most of the time. Probably it came on for a mosquito to see its’ way, or for a snail crawling on the patio, or for the wind blowing. For us it wouldn’t light up.

A day, or so earlier Son gave me the good news that he had installed a new light. Last night I checked it. What a bummer! This new one had a camera too. Whilst it blinked furiously at me in the dark there wasn’t any light I could see switching on.

I can resign myself for another wait of two years.

Ready for my Closeup

 Good news! WordPress is making a movie based on my life. How interesting! Whether I am ready for it or not, it doesn’t matter.

Looking at my life I don’t see I have done any heroic efforts which are to be immortalized, admired and made into a movie.

I have lead an ordinary life of a daughter, wife and a mother. My life had its ups and downs just like any other person. But who am I to complain if WordPress has suddenly decided that I can be a subject for a movie? It has tons of money, so why not let it do what it wants.

Maybe the movie turns out to be a blockbuster, and bags an Oscar. You will be able to see me on red carpet with cameras flashing taking a zillion photos of me. Though I better warn you, I may hide my face behind a scarf, or more likely I will be trying to hunch myself wishing the floor would open and I disappear through it.


Ready for Your Close-up

Cast the movie of your life.


Camera in a Hatbox

Daily Prompt: Antique Antics
What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game) Recount its history– from the object’s point of view.


I am a Kodak camera, made in England. I was my owner’s proud possession. When he brought me home, he used me to take photographs of his young children. He would look so pleased when he would collect the photos from the shop. Why not? My photos were sharp and well defined.

My owner had made for me, a leather case to carry me around, and protect me from damage. The leather was shiny brown. No one looked grander. Others like me, must have been casting envious looks in my direction.

One day my owner’s young daughter Sheen discovered me. She kept asking her father, to give me to her as a present. He thought her too young to own a camera. He made a stipulation.

She had to stand first in all her subjects till the summer vacations. She usually stood first over all in the class, but to come first in each and every subject was a stiff challenge.

Poor Sheen! Was she worried? She was, because she was weak in Maths, and one of her subject was Elective Maths.

June came around, and Sheen came home with her report card. Her eyes were shinning with excitement. From the look of her I got the feeling, that I was going to belong to her from now on.

When she showed her father her report card, her father said, “if you find it, it’s yours”.

It wasn’t fair to Sheen, to make her search for me, but that’s what she had to, to get me.

My owner had hidden me in his hat box. I was beneath the lowest one. Sheen searched for me, everywhere in her father’s room. I was nowhere to be found. How could she know where I was hidden?

She did take out one hat at a time, but when she reached the lowest one, she didn’t take it out.

Her father looked on smilingly. He thought she won’t find me. She was tired and cross from searching. She was about to give up. She gave the hat box another try, and finally found me to her great delight.

I belonged to her now. Wasn’t I pleased too!

She used me for the next three years. She stopped using me, when she got a Canon camera. I was jealous of my rival, but what could I do? I became a relic of her past.

She has kept me me through the years. She never used me again, but she didn’t throw me out. I now lie forgotten, in the attic of her home.

Camera in a Hatbox