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Traffic in Peshawar

Traffic is awful in Peshawar. Narrow roads have been made more minuscule by our ‘dear’ Prime Minister Imran Khan who was going to run metro service through the city. No sign of it though. The infrastructure has made the city more uglier, and vehicles barely move at all. There is utter chaos on the road. Nobody follows traffic rules, and with the influx of motor cycles on the road driving is one big hazard. The motor cycles scrape against the car when the riders higgledy piggledy want to get through. You never know who is trying to cross you on your right, or left side, and you are trying not to hit someone else car, and not to get hit by others.There is ear splitting honking going on, and everyone is in a hurrying mode.

I used to keep a driver whenever I was in Peshawar. Last year the chap I hired to drive me to, and fro was an extremely rude person. I was at his mercy when he deigned to make an appearance, and his majesty would drive me so I could run my many errands. I now have a horror of keeping a driver.

This year I’m driving my manual car (I keep it jacked up when I leave for my other homeland) whenever the need arises, or use a rickshaw when I don’t feel like driving. Believe me I’m happier that I don’t have to deal with the likes of my previous driver.

When I reached here I was trying to avoid using my car. I had forgotten to deal with the clutch, and with the jam packed road conditions here I didn’t know how I was going to cope. Everything is the opposite of what’s back home. I would turn on the wipers instead of the indicator. The indicator is on the right side of the steering wheel here. Son had come with me, but his leave spanned fifteen days only. It was over soon. I crammed as many things on my doing list while he was here. With his departure I was on my own again.

I had to invite some people to dinner, and it couldn’t be arranged at home. The guests were a large number. I invited them to Peshawar Club instead for a buffet at eight in the evening. Now the question arose how Coco (daughter in law) and I were to reach there to welcome them? We asked Coco’s brother B to take us in his car. The party was in his, and his bride’s honor.

There was fifteen minutes to eight left, and he didn’t come. I had started to perspire at the thought that being the host I won’t be present to welcome the other guests. It was really bad manners not to be on time. With nervous fright I managed to drive my car to our destination. I’m glad I took the plunge. Since then I have become reacquainted with my manual car. Masha’Allah!


When darkness comes

 It takes over a mind

Switches it off

Sense and reasoning flee

In the wake left behind

Chaos and confusion reigns

Flipping light to darkness

Way out disappears

And one is lost no longer sane





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Chaos reign supreme on my small dinning table. My bills, bank statements, letters, iPad, iPhone, chocolates, salt and pepper, box of tissues, plates, computer — all vie for space on it. When having my three meals of the day, I try to find an area to put the food down on it.
The thing is: I have yet to acquire a writing table. That is a must if I have to organize the jumble you see lying on the table. The chief fear is getting heavy with furniture and moving with it to some place else. Who is going to pack the stuff and how?


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Voice of Reason

What demons lurk inside you

No longer you have sanity

Creating chaos in your wake

Leaving a long trail of calamity

The voice of reason doesn’t appeal to you

You have abandoned your humanity

Misguided and lost to reasoning

Feel aghast at your insanity




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