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No Pain No Gain


Last night M1 (my daughter ‘s first child) was staying briefly for a night with me, before flying home to her parents. I told her about my one, and only attempt at making Hummus. The taste was awful. M1 was wondering as to why I didn’t get it right. Her questions….. did I follow the recipe? What went wrong?

She asked about the ingredients. Did I added all of them to the mixture, or left something out? Actually I had left out the most important one, and that was tahini. I didn’t have it. I had looked into a shop, or two, but didn’t find it. I used olive oil instead, and thought it would do the trick. M1 laughed at how can one leave tahini from Hummus?Without tahini, It wouldn’t taste better.

Early morning we roamed the streets to find a shop to get our hands on the required stuff. The only thing the shop didn’t have was Za’atar. Fortunately M1 had brought a packet for me. After seeing M1 off to the bus station ( she was catching a plane from Boston) I soaked chickpeas in water. I mixed the two recipes I had –adding something, and leaving a thing, or two, and made it. I’m over the moon at finally getting it right.

It’s my favorite thing on toast with a cup of tea in the morning.


Sometimes it’s so hard to write something. There was a time the daily prompt came with a few guide lines to make it easy to write. It’s harder now with one word. Nothing comes to mind even when one peruse what others have written, and comes to the conclusion no ideas-nothing in the eggnosh upstairs.

Son came from the hospital–tired and hungry. He had been up since two in the morning. He espied the pot of chickpeas I had left to cool off. I love to add chickpeas to rice. It’s one of my favorites along with raisins, walnuts (adding walnuts I copied from my sister). Son filled a bowl with chickpeas, added salt and black pepper, and sat down to eat it. He had another bowl full, then declared he had his lunch, and promptly went off to sleep.

He gave me the idea to have the same myself, saving me from thinking what to have for lunch. I filled a bowl, added half a tomato plus a little bit of onions, and vinegar. I microwaved it for a minute, added salt and pepper, and presto here is my lunch. Easy peasy go!

I have zipped up my lunch, and now I can have a go at other things I have to do.



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Unsung Friend

Unsung Heroes
by Ben Huberman
We all have our semi-secret, less-known personal favorites — a great B-side, an early work by an artist that later became famous, an obscure (but delicious) family recipe. Share one of your unsung heroes with us — how did you discover it? Why has it stayed off everyone’s radar?

My neighbor Mrs. N lived on the right side of our home. We were new in the neighborhood. The first time we met was, when she decided to cross a gap in the hedge between her home, and mine. She rang our bell, and introduced herself. She told me (very self righteously) that she had waited for enough period for me to visit her.

She was a lovely lady with a peach, and cream complexion, and green eyes. An inch, or two taller than me she took me to task for not wearing heels. Soon I was tottering behind her in four inches heels to our Ladies Club, to trips to tailors, and markets.

She was the one to teach me Chinese dishes. You must have noticed, that Chinese dishes vary from country to country. Here in the US, it’s an Americanized versions of the originals.

Another thing I have noticed is, that every cook does the cooking in a different way. If you don’t believe me, ask your friends to make the same dish (don’t tell them). Every dish will have a different flavor.

Leaving aside Chinese dishes, Mrs. N taught me how to tenderize Chickpeas. My Chana Chaat was a mess. The Chickpeas would be hard as rocks. Every time I attempted to make Chana Chaat, it was a disaster.

She taught me what others never revealed. Many people never really gave away their recipes. They only gave a general idea.

The first time I managed to make mouth watering Chana Chaat, it seemed I conquered Mt. Everest. It was one of my (late) husband’s favorite dish. Please bear in mind there weren’t recipes to google at the click of a button, and no tinned Chickpeas readily available.

I was fortunate to have Mrs. N as a neighbor, and her memory will stay ever bright in my heart.