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Touch my Base

Base conjures my home in Peshawar. But living here, and going for a short while there constitute a plethora of difficulties for me. As I am on my own, I have to fend for everything needed. This includes any patchwork needed inside, and outside. If I ignore it, it multiplies into more work for me.

Last year when I inspected the roof, the coverings on the three chimneys had fallen off. We use gas for heating, so I can’t block the chimneys for good. The adjacent bathroom to my bedroom appeared to have a blocked drainage. I called a repair man. He was booked, and couldn’t give me an earlier date. I was flying out two days later, so I called another one.

What he did was to completely block it. He charged his exorbitant rate, telling me he had cleared the blockage, and went his way. Poor naive me! I believed his word as I was busy having my car there jacked up on bricks prior to leaving. It saves the tires. It was much later I noticed water seeping into the wall beneath the bathroom.

This was last year, and I had already changed my date, and venue of arrival from Houston to Washington DC. I couldn’t extend, or change my ticket, as my daughter who was coming from Saudi Arabia was joining me on the same date in Washington.

I let it be, and used another bathroom for the remaining two days. I am getting the Heebee-jeebies thinking of the repairs needed when I happen to go, and touch my base.




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