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Yesterday I had a shock. I eagerly searched for a number in my old phone diary. I waited to hear the voice of my friend, and learned to my horror she was no more. Knowing fully well that no one can escape death, I had never thought that she will die so soon. The person who talked to me didn’t know any details.

Another sad happening last year was the divorce of my son. It devastated him, and the children, but life goes on.

New years  come, and old years go

Those who were here had to go

Leaving memories sad behind

No tears can bring them back beside

Seeing my son’s heartbreak was a pain

Why did it happen was his agonized refrain 

There weren’t easy answers he could gain

His life got changed, nothing was the same

Life is fickle, life is short

In a moment all get lost

Gather joyful moments to your heart

In life’s journey they will last

(Sheen-January 2017)



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I am passing through one crises, or the other. There are day to day crisis which are minor compared to big ones. Somehow one has to get through life which is not easy.

My only son S is bitter while going through his divorce. He is getting further immersed in debts. I fail to understand how can justice be dealt when a court doesn’t realize his limitations in money matters. 

Divorce is a big tragedy in the life of a person wronged by a spouse. I now know the reason why young men won’t get married. They find it easy to keep girl friends rather than wives. With wives their life savings go once divorce comes their way.

The children suffer the most. S  couldn’t continue paying his eldest son’s college tuition. The boy is not understanding. S wanted him to go along with him to resolve the issue in getting a loan, but the boy refused to go with him. The office concerned requires both to be present.

What happens next?




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Top Grades

Daily Prompt: Right to Brag
Tell about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

My (late) husband R’s posting had come. We shifted to our new destination. With postings, the first thing which used to suffer was our children’s education. We had to put up with unsatisfactory schooling. We never knew which way our luck could turn.

Our son S got admitted to 1st year pre-engineering at a local college. S was despondent after attending his class. I could see his growing unhappiness. I was horrified when he told me that except for a few boys many smoked, took drugs and what not.

My husband stopped smoking on the second day of our marriage. He found out I didn’t like the smell. He threw away his cigarette, and never smoked again.

I told R about S’s problem. We thought it over, and found that a college in another city was a better option. R took S  for admission there. The principal admitted him on the provision, if S’s grades didn’t get better, he would cancel his admittance.

We gave S a pep talk. He made us proud by working hard, and getting top grades. The principal phoned to let us know  that S was getting better at studies, and could continue at his college.

Top Grades