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A New Set of Wheels

Late husband had set his mind on buying new wheels meaning a new car despite the opposition from my side. We didn’t need one. The car belonging to him had barely done eleven thousand miles. It was a very comfortable car. 

I thought it suited us fine. Dear husband refused to be convinced on the merits of his car. While I remained opposing buying a new one, he kept trying to change my views. He didn’t had the heart to go against my wishes. A day came when my resistance crumbled.

He sold it to delighted new owners who were really happy to get our car at a bargain price. The day they drove away in it, they were grinning from ear to ear, and while they were buying it they kept exclaiming over the almost new condition of the interior of our car.

The new car met with an accident within a month of R’s acquiring it. A truck banged it in the rear, badly denting it. We had it repaired, and used it for almost two years. I sold it after his death. My children wanted me to keep it, and sell mine, but his was costlier, and I needed the money to pay taxes. They didn’t want a part of their father to let go.

The day I parted with his car was a sad day for me. It was like losing him all over again. While the car was standing in the garage, it seemed he was still there. It was the awful realization he wasn’t coming back, and will never be among us.



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