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A Happy New Year to every one — to you — to me. I need happiness badly. My new year began with tears due to the harassment from my step brother in law Bashir. It was a phone conversation from my late husband’s sister’s husband N. He has gone on board with Bashir telling me that that he, his children, Bashir, his brother’s sons have their share in my my village home, and land. 

Bashir’s greed leaves me furiously angry. I had never cursed anyone in my life before the new turn my life has taken with the death of my brother in law Aziz.

Where was their bogus claim when my husband was alive? Where were they when my brother in law Aziz was alive? Bashir is not satisfied by taking over Aziz’s assets, land and property. He is hungry for more. He is the puppeteer behind the scene trying to divert people’s attention from his own nefarious doings. He now wants to take over my property. He can only harass a widow knowing I am alone at his mercy. 

He has threatened to break the boundary wall, and locks in my home. My children fearing for my safety have told me not to go to the village, and leave immediately for US. I don’t want to leave till I sell my home, and land. I can’t turn tail by leaving mine, and my children’s inheritance to the likes of Bashir, and others. 

Their twisted minds pushes me into anger, and in frustration I’m polluting my mouth with curses on the likes of them. They are like vultures descending on me, and trying to frighten me.

I am going to file harassment charges against Bashir, and his cohorts. It’s the only course open to me.



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