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When I look at old, white haired couples walking slowly together, holding hands, lovingly talking to each other, how I envy them. I have been robbed of a future with my husband by the Angel of Death

I had gone with my son to the USCIS Centre in downtown Houston to inquire about something. We were waiting to be called to a window. In front of us sat a couple. The husband was probably older by a few years than his wife. The wife though apparently looked more robust than her husband, but she was the frailer one in health. 

They got up to leave, their work done. The husband helped her in wearing her coat. He rummaged through her bag, procuring a woolen cap, he placed it on her head, tugging it down. To me it symbolized love, and a caring attitude towards his wife. I will forever have an image of them in my mind as they walked together to the exit.




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