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Who I Saw

My likes/dislikes gets radically changed over a period of time, but some remain constant. For example I still like Di (Princess Diana), Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, Ellen DeGeneres, and so on. Dislikes which were likes before are Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Oprah …..

I have never met any famous persons in real life, except like the Pakistani actor Muhammad Ali, and Indian actor Daleep Kumar. I was excited to see BF (Brendan Fraser) during my trip from Boston to Dallas via New York. Son, and I were parting ways there. He was going to Austin, and my destination was Dallas as daughter lives there. Son was standing in a long line for food (it looked everyone was hungry), while I was waiting way back.

Looking meaninglessly here, and there, I caught sight of BF. I was trying to determine whether he was the same person I thought him to be, all the while giving him sneaky glances.

He was too clever for me. Once he caught on that I was watching him covertly, he would look at the same time I would look at him. I would feel embarrassed at being caught, and look elsewhere. Oh, I dearly wanted to speak to him to ascertain whether he was the same guy I wanted him to be, but at heart I’m so chicken hearted. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to speak to a person whom you know figuratively but he may not want to be discovered.

I went, and tapped Son to ask his opinion. Son’s reply was a total No, no. Disappointed I moved back. BF had done the disappearing act.



Thinking of the woods that run so deep

Have to pass through them

To reach safety

Taking a breath, I pause briefly

Is it safe to go ahead

Or make a return weary

Those by my side are no longer there

Standing alone they have vanished leaving me

Have to cross through the woods that run so deep

There is no turning back for me

Please give me the courage

God Almighty




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My late husband had files litter his desk. They were marked electricity, water, tax, telephone, home, pension, land and so on. The desk looked unsightly. The files attracted dust like a magnet. Daily I had to clean it, picking things, and then putting them back. There was no place left for his cup of tea even.

I wanted them to be put on a shelf in the closet. He could take them out when required. He wouldn’t listen, and would look annoyed when I nagged. I was the person cleaning his desk, and every time I did it, my fingers itched to remove them from there, and whisk them away.

One day I took courage in my own hands, and did it, inviting dear husband’s wrath upon myself. He blew it. I walked away from his fury (insides quaking) at my meddling, and left him fuming in rage.

I expected the files back in place on his desk. Strangely it didn’t happen. He gave me a sheepish smile when I called him for lunch. That was his way of apology. An answering smile lit my face, but remembering his unjust wrath wiped it away before he could see it. He didn’t deserve my smile.



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I am like Courage, the cowardly dog. I may be shaking in my shoes, but will try my utmost in head on tackling a problem. The fear is there, while I push it aside to make room for courage.

I like to take a walk after meals. I have to take courage in both hands  to venture outside when it grows quite late. Similarly I barge in where I think it’s the truth, and nobody comes to the rescue.




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What Others Have To Say

As a student I tried
To excel and do well
To shine among my peerage
My marks could tell

When I became a wife
Had hard work to do
To learn everything
You name but a few
Tried to excel the same as ever
My rock has shattered
Gone forever

As a mother I tried
To do well as a mother
Shine in my kids’ eyes
Teach them values, faith and courage
They turned out alright
My hat carries a feather

I try my best at everything I do
Still learning and loving
Whatever I do
I may be thinking
I stand nine feet tall
What others have to say
Is the crux after all

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