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I am passing through one crises, or the other. There are day to day crisis which are minor compared to big ones. Somehow one has to get through life which is not easy.

My only son S is bitter while going through his divorce. He is getting further immersed in debts. I fail to understand how can justice be dealt when a court doesn’t realize his limitations in money matters. 

Divorce is a big tragedy in the life of a person wronged by a spouse. I now know the reason why young men won’t get married. They find it easy to keep girl friends rather than wives. With wives their life savings go once divorce comes their way.

The children suffer the most. S  couldn’t continue paying his eldest son’s college tuition. The boy is not understanding. S wanted him to go along with him to resolve the issue in getting a loan, but the boy refused to go with him. The office concerned requires both to be present.

What happens next?




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I am in a pensive mood

What has become of my son and his life

How he suffers at the hands of his wife and her lies

What will be the outcome? 

Why is she doing this to him?

All because I refused to hand over what my husband left me

All because my son refused to leave his mother a destitute

She took the no to wreck havoc with her husband’s life

With no thoughts of her own children

The lawyers in their greed are going to prolong the case

What will be the outcome?

I never knew that courts and lawyers here don’t provide justice

They don’t dig out facts

Only the one with lies is the winner

In the end my son’s savings gone

No home???

Darkness prevails in the courtrooms here

Dear God! You see what’s happening?

Will there be justice?



Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.