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Are We Guinea Pigs?

Last year we had hoped that soon we people would be over Covid-19, and we will be out of the quagmire in which we found ourselves. This year that hope is no longer there. The vaccine which came along further became a nightmare. People who got vaccinated got sick again with further variations of the dreaded disease.

The vaccine is not effective. The other thing which is terrifying is, that it is not really a vaccine. It messes up with our DNA. Have we become guinea pigs for our rulers to be experimented upon? Why isn’t FDA approving Novavax which is not mRNA based like Pfizer, and Moderna?

No Meeting

We both met each other for the first time at the doctor’s office. Son, and I had shifted back from New Bedford, Massachusetts, and I had needed a primary care physician, which Son selected for me. The lady in question introduced herself, and found out my name, and so on. She had my phone number before I left.

She phoned me the next day, and so our telephonic conversations started. She invited me to a lunch at her home. Before I could reciprocate, I had to leave for Peshawer. After coming back the COVID-19 took place, and my children decided that their mother shouldn’t go out at all. She should remain at home to be safe from the threat of catching the dreaded virus.

There was a time when parents made decisions for their children, but now it is the other way round. Parents have to follow the rules which the children implement.

In the beginning I balked, but now I’m so used to staying at home. Son tired of frequent driving tries to coax me to drive him here, and there. I turn him down. Now the lady whom I met a few months earlier wants to visit me, because she was asking for my address. I was like very reluctant. When you know that the virus is still out there, it’s kind of hard to ignore it.