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The word filthy reminds me of a beggar lying in the dust in the backstreet of a market which was known as Zunjeer Bazar in Peshawar.  Zunjeer means chain. A long chain hung at the entrance. To enter you climbed over it. 

My (late) husband would drop me at the entrance, and gave me an hour to shop for whatever I needed to buy. He would then drive to the car park across the road. He would wait in the car, reading the newspaper till I would finish my shopping. 

Some passerbys stared while many averted their eyes from the filthy mound of humanity. A large bowl was there to collect money from whoever cared to give alms to the poor creature. Come summer, or winter, the beggar would lie face down. Flies buzzed around him, trying to get a bite, perch on him, or crawl inside his clothes.

Seeing him always reminded me how fortunate I was that I wasn’t that helpless person. At that moment any troubles I carried with me seemed insignificant in comparison.




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Whenever I visit my son and his family, I feel I am in Seventh Heaven. The days pass so quickly. There are lots of changes in my grand sons. They are growing up. The elder two, specially the older one is meta morphing into a prickly creature. Both of them are sporting bushy unkept hairdos. To tell you the truth, in my heart I was pretty much aghast, but when their friends visited they looked the same with their hair. I breathed a sigh of relief that my grandsons are not the odd ones out.

The youngest one, IB is still his sweet, sunny self. He loves to perform his magic tricks. Yesterday he put a coin in my hand. Before closing my hand over the coin, he as quickly removed it, and touched my ear. He showed it to me, rather triumphantly, and told me, “See, I got it out of your ear.” I tried to look suitably impressed.

20130526-081341.jpgThey are standing with me, a few years back.

20130526-112406.jpgThe elder one as seen from the back now.