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My Plants

I have been away from home, because my dentist is in Dallas. It was the last step on my implant getting a crown for it. I got back last Sunday. Before going I requested Son, and wife to look after my indoor, outdoor plants, and vegetables patch in my absence. Son, thankfully came back for me to bring me home, otherwise I would had to travel by bus.

Nola (daughter) dislikes my plants. I won’t stay for longer periods because of my plants. She would like me to forget them, which I can’t. They are living things. If they are not looked after properly, they die. Son keeps busy because of his job (he is in Arizona for a day). I have asked him time, and again to get me a sprinkler system, but he hasn’t got around to do it. At the moment I’m patiently waiting for that to happen.

Alas my worst fears were realized. Most of the flowers, and vegetables seedlings disappeared. Others were shriveled due to lack of water. Whenever I asked Coco (daughter in law), she would say it has been raining almost every single night since I left. I would feel relief at nature taking care of my babies. She mistook the condensation on windows (in the mornings when you draw back the curtains) for rain. How could one even think that way? I’m thankful—- the inner ones survived.