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The Last Note

I wish I had it here now with me. It’s in my bed table drawer back home. I got it in May 2010 when we were visiting our children here. At the time my daughter and her family were living in Crozet,VA. We had come to enjoy summer here. 

They are the last words my (late) husband R wrote to me. He wasn’t feeling well when we returned to Peshawar. I urged him to have a checkup. He kept postponing in having it done till Feb 2011, when to our grief and dismay we learnt, he had stomach cancer.

It’s ironic about what he wrote that if he died he would be waiting for me at the other end for he will forever want me to be by his side. At that moment when he handed it to me I took it as a joke. I am thankful now that I didn’t crumple it and threw it in the waste paper basket. 

R never took to a computer. He held on to writing letters by hand. His last writing is more dearer because it’s in his handwriting. I will treasure it always.



When was the last time you wrote something by hand? What was it?