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Son has been asking for Pistachio Ice cream. That’s one of his favorites. I have been meaning to make it for him. It’s only that I haven’t been well lately, and easily get tired.

It can use up the crumbs made from Basraji toasts. I was intrigued when I first heard the name from Son’ lips. Son always called the end toasts of a bread loaf that name. He would say that he was having a Basraji toast. It would go over my head, now what did he mean by that?

It came about when I wasn’t home, my late husband got them (Son and his wife) a new maid Basraj from our village. I was in Michigan with my daughter, and couldn’t help Son’s wife. From the minute she entered our home, it was for her to rule. She often refused to do the work around the house. Son’s wife put up with her, as they searched for someone else in her place. 

She would throw the ends of loaf in the dustbin — hence the name for the toast. She often terrorized our next door neighbors, as they were our tenents. She would go to their home, and would march to their fridge, and take whatever she wanted. They shouldn’t have put up with her behavior, but they were good people. If I was in their place, I would have refused her entry into my home.

Sep 20, 2017



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